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  1. Oh Jesus....look at her sour face. Diane Warren is so desperate for that Oscar. We wouldn't have heard the end of it if they won. Thank God for Sam Smith. She's SO bitter.
  2. Agree'd. I love everything about "Erotica", but not just the song, the whole album is a masterpiece.
  3. Horrible news. I hope everyone in London is ok. Those sick bastards are now celebrating it...
  4. So does this mean we're getting the full TOAC show?
  5. I remember hearing it on the radio when I was in London and thought "Oh, this must be the next single". I couldn't tell you what station it was but I was so disappointed when it wasn't released.
  6. She did....and they came up with this... But tbh with you, it's a lot better than the previous cover.
  7. I know "Don't Stop" get's a lot of shit from many fans but I love it...and always have done. So yeah, I picked DS.
  8. I love this song. It definitely should have been a single,
  9. I must admit, even though I can't stand her, that was a nasty thing to do. Nobody deserves to be humiliated like that on national TV. He said afterwards that he was starstruck and felt awkward, but I don't believe him.
  10. Mad Lizzie. Yes, they really called her that over here - and it's easy to see why. I wonder whatever happened to her. Here she is with Take That.... @ 0:48
  11. That song title is apt for Kylie's fans. I have to agree about her copying Olivia's Physical. It's so obvious. and Sinitta looks very like her mother, don't you think?
  12. @jazzyjan and here is her mother in action...
  13. They are. I love how she came across as a maneater in her video's....too bad all the guys that appeared in them are complete flamers.
  14. SINITTA! .... Does she still pretend she's a good decade younger than she really is? Kim's right. She must have some really juicy gossip on Simon Cowell to have been hounding him after all these years. Love to know what it is. Meanwhile, let's remind ourself of her boyfriends .....BIG... RED....