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  1. Yes, I have it. "Someone For Me" is good but I don't like "Thinking About You". Love all the others though. Especially "Take Good Care Of My Heart" with Jermaine Jackson.
  2. Of course. It's a cool little pop song. Should've been a single.
  3. Really? I think it's her best. This should've been a single.
  4. I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) So Emotional (Remix) Queen Of The Night Saving All My Love For You Step By Step I'm Your Baby Tonight My Name Is Not Susan I'm Every Woman How Will I Know Love Is A Contact Sport (Honorable mentions) Greatest Love Of All Love Will Save The Day Didn't We Almost Have It All All The Man I Need I cannot stand "I Will Always Love You". Never liked it when Dolly sang it, and I hate Whitney's version even more.
  5. That Craig Barnes guy is so tragic. "Madonna has never had a leading role in a movie". "Nobody knows about Evita" , "Madonna is irrelevant".
  6. New music and video on the way....
  7. Her screams.
  8. Gorgeous. I love her so much.
  9. She looks so happy and gorgeous here but they had to go and spoil it by mentioning that stupid twink from 1 Direction. Her faced changed after that. lol
  10. Hi Jan. I felt the same as you but keep listening and it'll grow on you. My Judy actually sighs when she hears the Intro to Witness coming on.
  11. When this came out I was OBSESSED with it and had it on the turntable for months. I still play it regularly to this very day. I adore it.
  12. Fantastic news. I cannot understand all the negativity. It's a brilliant album, I can't get enough of it.
  13. God, what a miserable COW. She clearly needs a big cock to put a smile on her face.
  14. Yes, that picture was taken over a year and a half ago. I wonder how many times Guy's seen David since then. lol