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  1. Exactly, @Jazzy Jan I wouldn''t dream of asking others to fund my next Madonna concert. I've just had a look at their IG accounts and they both seem to lead a better life than I do. They come across as a couple of entitled, spoiled brats, tbh. Where's their self respect?
  2. That's worse than I ever imagined. Mango's music career is officially OVER!
  3. She's getting torn to shreds on the DM. "A voice like a sack full of cats." "Double denim to go with her double chin" "WELL PAST HER SELL BY DATE" "She's had more image changes than she's had hits.... or younger boyfriends" "she is a squeaky, plastic-faced gerbil with zero personality. When interviewed, you never find out anything about the actual woman. I have no idea how she managed to get where she is. Her sister was much better looking, but she went and slept with Simon Cowell" "Her fans in the background tell a story in their own right...No turning back the clock, no matter how desperate you get" "Franky, Dolly looks better than Kylie for her age. Kylie needs to lay off the botox and invest in better hair extentions!"
  4. It reminds me of that horrid Beckham kid who thinks wearing t-shirt's of well respected artists makes him look cool and edgy, but in reality he's just a docile idiot who probably knows bugger all about them. His parents are no better...
  5. "He bizarrely decided to strip off mid-flight, load up some high-quality porn on his phone and lie back to have a wank", "walked to the toilet with no clothes on, pissed all over his seat and attacked a flight attendant". There's clearly something wrong with him. I can't imagine anyone in their right mind doing this in view of other passengers.
  6. OMG, I was just going to mention that song. How strange.
  7. I remember Sheena's 9 to 5 quite well. It was one of my mother's favourite songs.
  8. I agree. @Jazzy JanI love a lot of country music too, such as Glen Campbell, Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline, Crystal Gayle and of course Dolly - people who had great voices and actually knew how to make a decent record. Kylo's attempt at country is terrible because her voice drags down what little potential these songs have. I don't know about anyone else, but I actually cringe when I hear her voice now, it's that bad. There's no genuine emotion or feeling at all. I get the impression she knows bugger all about country music...or the people who make it. I mean, has she ever cited anyone else other than Dolly Parton?
  9. Oh my. That voice - like nails down a blackboard.
  10. Going by the amount of times she's been dropped, I don't think any record company knew what to do with her. Kylo said the tour is going to be an "intimate" affair... that's one way to descibe it.
  11. Jesus, this really is turning out to be a mega-BOMB of epic proportions. Poor Mango.
  12. I can't remember much about QB's posts, Kim, but that Lightsource person appears to be Kyliesparklytiara. Same views, same capitalisation and emphasis on words. It's pathetic. Someone on digital spy mentioned the similarities and Lightsource claimed they were "stalking" him. lol. Whoever it is does indeed need to get a life and stop embarrassing themselves. It's gone far beyond the point of being funny anymore.
  13. Another example of her mincers bashing Madonna for something HAGlodite did herself... #https://forums.digitalspy.com/discussion/comment/89546109#Comment_89546109 "Madonna needs to retire . She hasn’t had a good album or song since confession on the dance floor era . I always see articles with pics of her concerts and she’s always spreading her legs . No thanks !!!!" Hypocritical much? I mean, it's not as if Madonna spends two hours of her concerts opening her legs anyway. She actually dances instead of standing there (like Kylo) waving her arms around like a demented octopus. F*cking morons.
  14. @Jazzy Jan This TWUNT is such an amateur. and that song is an insipid, forgettable mess. Toilet Shite, (like Bargain Binogue and Gags) really is the worst. At least we can use these gifs if nothing else.