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  1. "I stopped using it a while back because I saw older people using it, like my mom, my older siblings and just older people in general" Pathetic.
  2. So pleased that joke of a president is finally OUT. Well done, guys.
  3. Imagine if Dump actually refuses to leave and has to be dragged kicking and screaming from the White House.
  4. One of the best songs on MX and the tour performance is everything!
  5. Thank you. Spooner is acting as though he wrote the whole damn song but his input seemed minimal to say the least. At least he got his writing credit so hopefully we won't hear anymore about him. He's definitely burnt his bridges with Madonna though. I can't say i'm surprised to see Gaga stans jumping all over this either. It's basically another stick to bash Madonna with.
  6. She needed the original song to create a remix. Stop being negative.
  7. I would love MX to be nominated for a Grammy, but imagine if she won. That would be wonderful.
  8. Yeah, i've never understood that. It's not as if NKM and Mother and Father were singles, let alone greatest hits. lol
  9. How strange she should "fall" on a Cucumber in a vertical position with no knickers on.
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