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  1. I've no idea who they are, Jan, but I just listened to it and was disgusted that they kept joking about her dying. The UK radio shows don't even joke about things like that because it's something you just don't do. It annoyed me when he referred to Material Girl as "daggy", and then said "get rid of it" when "Ray Of Light" came on. NO! NO NO! If you're going to play Madonna, then DO IT instead of wasting everyone's time. It seemed to me like Kyle (in particular) just wanted to bash her, tbh. Not cool.
  2. I rhink people are being far to harsh on Christina. Sure, she goes overboard with the vocal acrobatics, but the girl can sing. It goes without saying that she can never perform those songs as good as Whitney... but who could? Mariah's voice is a mess these days and Celine is busy recording her new English album. None of todays pop princess's measure up, so there's really no one else who could've done it.
  3. Lady Gaga thread

    and they're acting as if she won on her own merit without their help whatsoever.
  4. Why are the press making out P!nk was being shady? If you watch the whole video, P!nk was clearly enjoying the performance. No shade at all.
  5. Miss Diana Ross

    Diana Ross sits alongside Madonna as my favourite artists EVER!. She is an icon and I absolutely ADORE her. What a woman!
  6. Paloma Faith

    I've just seen Paloma's new video's for "Guilty" and "Crybaby" and I'm pleasantly surprised. Never considered myself a fan before now, but she's good. Shame about the face.
  7. Madonna new album 2028

    She seems to be releasing album's every 4 years now. Oh well, it could be worse. Imagine being a George Michael fan and waiting 13 years for a new studio album.
  8. The best part is Ed wondering why people dislike him. "The head-f**k for me has been trying to work out why people dislike me so much."
  9. Bad Girl or Angel????

    This is a difficult one for me because I love both, but will have to say "Angel" for it's perfect pop bliss and sheer fluffiness. Wish she would dust it off and perform it again.
  10. I'm not sure if this has been posted but poor Ed has been chased off Twitter by Gaga fans... Ed Sheeran says he's stopped using Twitter after receiving loads of hatred There'll sadly be no more tweeting for Ed Sheeran as he says he's stopped using Twitter after facing endless trouble with trolls. The singer has expressed dismay at the waves of hatred he receives on the social media site, admitting that reading what's said is a downer on his day-to-day life. "There's nothing but people saying mean things," , "One comment ruins your day. But that's why I've come off it. The head-f**k for me has been trying to work out why people dislike me so much." Ed cited a recent example when reports in which he mentioned Lady Gaga got misconstrued, leading to negativity and hatred to come barrelling at him from Twitter users. "Lady Gaga's fanbase read an interview in which they assumed I was talking about her and they all f**king hate. And it wasn't anything to do with that at all. "So I think Twitter gets on a massive steam roll of assuming things and then you get in the shit." Almost all of Ed's tweets are automatic uploads that come through from his Instagram account, though there would be occasional tweets he sent out directly from the platform. From now on, the Instagram updates will continue to upload to his Twitter feed but he will no longer be using it directly himself.
  11. Kylie Minogue thread

    That's what I thought. This is a flop waiting to happen.
  12. Madonna Instagram Thread

    I wish she would feed us some scraps on the new album, or that damn movie...however little. Sick of hearing about this skincare stuff.