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  1. Kelly Minging

    "Double deluxe".
  2. Me too. I remember when the "Confessions" cover was revealed. Some hated it because she was wearing a "granny top", "red hair" and they couldn't see her face. lol I think most of her album covers are flawless, tbh.
  3. Rihanna - "ANTI."

    I had this on a loop for weeks. Great album. and I just I love her voice on "Consideration".
  4. Lovely post. I was a child when "Everybody" came out and like you, i've adored her ever since. I really cannot imagine life without her. What a woman!
  5. Kelly Minging

    The U.S is nowhere to see seen (as usual).
  6. This is really interesting - especially after her "Billboard women in music" speech.
  7. CupcakKe - Duck Duck Goose

    Her new album is on YT if you're interested..
  8. You're not telling us anything we don't already know. Speculation is the best part....no matter how far the process is.
  9. CupcakKe - Duck Duck Goose

    Yes, that makes more sense than "Duck Duck Goose" does... and the line before that.... I thought she was saying "Heil to the dick".
  10. I haven't heard this for a while but wow..what a bop.
  11. People are talking about Cardi B, but CupcaKe is about to go mainstream.... What if M decides to work with her... Dear God, Imagine if she get's to rap about cocks on M's new album.