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  1. How strange she should "fall" on a Cucumber in a vertical position with no knickers on.
  2. GAWD! So do they turn them inside out or what? Either way, what a bunch of dirty bastards.
  3. Ai Papi Si. cannot receive messages.  Not sure why.

  4. That is appalling. Why are the other passengers filming it instead of rushing to help? I wouldn't have hesitated in going over and beating the living daylights out of that low life. WTF is wrong with people?
  5. Omg, that's terrible. I'd love to know what goes through their minds to do that...then again, I'd rather not know.
  6. Do the HM's pick a background song to use when they're entering, or is it the producers? He's hardly someone people look to for fashion and inspiration,, so it's strange they gave him that particular song when he looks as hideous as he does. I hate to say it, but I think they were throwing shade at Madonna, tbh.
  7. He's doing Celebrity Big Brother right now in the UK. Jesus, he's such a MESS.
  8. I bet she had to go and change her underwear after that.
  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5957869/Shocking-video-shows-driver-81-ploughing-cyclists.html?offset=372&max=100&jumpTo=comment-329570279&reply=329570279#newcomment Shocking footage shows an 81-year-old driver ploughing through a group of cyclists and sending them smashing onto the road. The motorist can be seen overtaking the riders on the busy A359 near Yeovil in Somerset, but passes so close that his front bumper clips their wheels. Lurching forward as the car hits his bike, one of the cyclists smashes into a friend riding just ahead, sending both crashing to the floor. The driver admitted dangerous driving at Taunton Crown Court on July 9. The clip was filmed on a camera attached to the helmet of Martin Wills, who was riding with the group before the incident on November 23 last year. He was the cyclist who got hit by his friend riding behind and his wife Sandra was knocked unconscious in the horror smash. Describing the traumatic accident, he said "The first I knew was a heavy blow to my right buttock". 'This sent me off balance and I fell heavily with my bike landing on top of me. One of the riders was lying in the road a few feet away with her wrecked bike next to her.' Mr Wills miraculously escaped with cuts and bruises, while his wife was left with a broken finger, cracked ribs and a bump on her head. It is not clear what injuries the other cyclists suffered. He added: 'Thank goodness we wear helmets.' Tarrant was disqualified from driving for two years and must taken an extended re-test. He was handed a conditional discharge lasting 18 months and was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £20. **************** The question on everyone's lips is why didn't he stop? The first thing he should've done is check to see if they were alright, but this guy is seen speeding off into the distance. Shocking.
  10. So sad to hear of her passing. She was wonderful.
  11. I can honestly say I would kick the living daylights out of him if he did this to me... His screams when the adult pushes him to the floor though.
  12. This is the moment a mass brawl erupted and onlookers were left running for cover as racegoers fought at Ascot. Just one week after up to 50 people were seen fighting at Goodwood, the horse-racing world was once again rocked by violence. Despite the Bank Holiday incident sparking an attempt to increase security at Ascot, warring spectators were caught on film throwing punches yesterday. Women tried to break up fights between men wearing three-piece suits as security staff struggled to keep the brawlers apart. The trouble then spilled out from the racing venue and up to the high street, according to witnesses. Ascot communications manager Ashley Morton-Hunte confirmed there were two head injuries resulting from the fight. Both were treated at the scene. 'Sadly, an irresponsible minority can impact on the majority. We take all anti-social behaviour seriously. We can and did eject people.' According to witnesses at Goodwood, the brawlers had been drinking all day before the violence erupted. Shocking behaviour but I laughed when someone on the DM said "Ed Sheeren looked like he was getting a good pasting".
  13. The daily mail just posted a follow up story with the old man sitting in bed with a huge grin plastered across his face. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5681447/Family-Briton-mauled-lion-devastated-animal-shot-killed.html It clearly hasn't sunk in that his stupidity is what caused that beautiful creature to lose it's life...
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