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  1. Crux

    Karen...the voice of an angle

    Being a fan of both Madonna and The Carpenters this is brilliant. ❤️
  2. @Jazzy Jan They've made some catchy songs, but they also have made some good ballads too. These are two of my favourites...
  3. Omg It flopped, Jan, which is a shame.... ...but I can't stop listening to it. I love it.
  4. Crux

    Not Cool For School: your first ever albums

    Omg, I still listen to tracks from this. I love it. .
  5. Crux

    Not Cool For School: your first ever albums

    Yes, my Mum had their records and I was fascinated by them.. lol Her favourites were "Love of My Life", "Wasted" and "Honey, I'm Lost". I haven't heard their music for such a long time though, so I might have a listen. I love how you listen to them in your car
  6. Crux

    Not Cool For School: your first ever albums

    Great thread, Rebel Hearbreaker. That Nolan's cover is horrendous...but they did make some good bops. My Sister also used to own that Bucks Fizz album on vinyl as well as the one below and I used to love them.... Do you remember "The Dooleys"?
  7. I remember all of those, Jan.
  8. Bloody hell, Blast from the past Bucks Fizz have released a Christmas album... and here's the single... Cheesy as fuck but infuriatingly toe tapping. I can even hear Take That's Shine in that track...
  9. Crux

    ABBA thread

    Omg YES! Them too.The Fembots gave me nightmares. lol
  10. Crux

    ABBA thread

    That is sooo creepy. I hate anything to do with dolls, dummies and robots etc. Did you ever see that horrible doll who kept attacking Karen Black in Trilogy of Terror? Looks quite funny now but imagine a child watching that...
  11. Crux

    ABBA thread

    That song scares the life out of me, Jan. Sounds like a horror movie. lol
  12. Crux

    ABBA thread

    How embarrassing. What makes these people think they can actually sing?
  13. Crux

    ABBA thread

    I love Chiquitita, but loathe I Have A Dream. I think that's my least favourite Abba track ever. I don't like "L,overs (Live a little longer)" either.