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  1. Trust No Bitch has a final version it just hasn't leaked. It was registered on one of the songwriting sites. I believe the final is produced by Dj Dahi and Blood Diamonds as Madonna instagramed a picture of them with Trust No Bitch in the hash tag. Here it is https://twitter.com/Madonna/status/513477885806784512?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
  2. It hasn't been mastered properly turn up the volume to full towards the end and you can hear the error in the mastering process.
  3. I think we all need to start a fan petition to get this song remastered its too glorious to be left in its current state we need to get a fan on stage with Madonna and tell her its not been mastered properly. Crazy idea but heck I want to hear this in HQ.
  4. 1st Single - Rebel Heart Avicii Version (Demo but more polished up) 2nd Single - Bitch I'm Madonna 3rd Single - Ghosttown 4th Single - Queen (Like realityisalways said the Iconic Tour Video with Madonna taking a bow at the end with tears falling as the Queen has been slain she will never rule again!
  5. I was listening on the UK ITunes Store to Holy Water through Apple Music and the song finally sounds mastered towards the end sounds clearer and the part where she goes Yeezus loves my pussy best sounds different. Can someone confirm my findings please.
  6. Love Never Let You Go but I can understand why it didn't make the album.
  7. She reminds me of Anastacia in that picture with the hair and the clothes.
  8. Im glad Queen and AB leaked I hate it when they put remixes on a CD full of original songs remixes are meant for remix maxis/eps not for the album.
  9. I hate it when LQ clips leak either leak the full song or don't its mean behaviour.
  10. Kayne West has made S.E.X. even better I mean I love the punchy Demo version but this version is giving me Erotica vibes.
  11. Hoping we hear Score, TNB and others seems a shame to have the 30 songs and not have the complete set? I really do love the recording process and hearing the changes made to the demos.
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