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  1. adreeyen

    What your country is the best in

    Is America's racism? Or just discrimination in general?
  2. adreeyen

    Rebel Heart album discussion

    Ever since seeing "Rebel Heart" live, it's become one of my favorite songs from the album. I'm always singing it. Of course the whole album is amazing, but that one makes me feel things.
  3. Confessions, MDNA, and Rebel Heart top Reinvention any day.
  4. adreeyen

    Houston, TX 01.12.16

    "I mean it from the bottom of my... Bush." I died when she said that
  5. C'mon y'all, you know she doesn't drink while on tour... It ain't the end of the world.
  6. adreeyen

    Houston, TX 01.12.16

    It was a fantastic show! Maybe not as amazing as the San Antonio show, in terms of her being chatty and funny, but it was still an amazing show. She seemed to be in good spirits all night and the section I was in seemed to lap it up. I've grown to love the whole show even more, including the interludes which I had previously been underwhelmed by. Each section tells a very specific story. I think the first section is definitely my favorite. It's so scandalous! There are such great song choices throughout the whole show. I've grown to love the Music performance so much! It's such a highlight! But the whole show is a highlight really. I saw some pretty high tech cameras coming down the stairs right before the show, so I'm thinking that the Bowie tribute was professionally recorded!
  7. adreeyen

    Houston, TX 01.12.16

    10:26! Wanna be starting something!
  8. adreeyen

    Houston, TX 01.12.16

    Ditaluvr! I think we're on opposite sides of the stage! Enjoy the show, darling, you deserve it!
  9. adreeyen

    Houston, TX 01.12.16

    Gurl, I'm still seeing a she.
  10. adreeyen

    Houston, TX 01.12.16

    Mary Mac is a she! And she's still on. It's 9:42. Expecting to be here another 45 minutes waiting. She did both San Antonio and Houston, so maybe she's doing all US shows?
  11. adreeyen

    Houston, TX 01.12.16

    Mary Mac has been on since about 8:40. She's a little annoying, but she serves a function. Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes for the show! Here's to hoping she's in good spirits!
  12. adreeyen

    Houston, TX 01.12.16

    Girls... This VIP booklet is beautiful!
  13. adreeyen

    Houston, TX 01.12.16

    Ya Texas gal Adreeyen will be at the show tonight!!!
  14. She said about two or three times that she was so happy to be back in America! She said because we speak her language. "The language of FUCK!" She also cut off the girl who caught her bouquet after her first wedding interview question because Madonna asked if she knew how to drive and she said "I think so?" She just walked away from her. Then she teased her and told her she's fucked if she can't drive, doesn't have a job or can't cook, and told the girl she should've just lied to her that way they could have gotten married. She also scolded her dancer Maria for not lying about her age before she got birthday spankings in the maracas part and the fake cowboy for not lying in the Unapologetic Bitch part. She questioned why no one was lying to her all night.
  15. The show was amazing! I think I loved it even more than the first show I went to! With the exception of her wardrobe malfunction in LFL, she seemed to be in great mood! She was so funny and we got FROZEN! It sounded great! She sounded great! She was so funny and I fell in love with her more! I loved when she said "Speaking of STDs, this song is about love" when starting True Blue. Even tho I was way up behind the stage, I still loved it! God bless the Queen!