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  1. Is America's racism? Or just discrimination in general?
  2. Ever since seeing "Rebel Heart" live, it's become one of my favorite songs from the album. I'm always singing it. Of course the whole album is amazing, but that one makes me feel things.
  3. I've always thought this too, but I've never actually seen anyone post about it. That's one of my favorite things about this cover. Looks great on the vinyl cover, too!
  4. *sips can of Coke* Y'all are right tho.
  5. What is wrong with some of you people? Drake's face after the kiss was the face of a man whose mind was just fucked with. If anything he was probably feeling a little faint after all the blood rushed out of his head and into his, ahem, other head.
  6. That performance was so drunk aunt Helen, I loved it.
  7. Wonderful thread, Janelle! One of the most interesting things about Madonna is how complex she is. This era has been about the balance between her rebel and her heart and I think she's done so wonderfully. Such an amaaaaazing era so far. She kills me tbh.
  8. I love the video. The way I see it, the dance is supposed to represent (in a condensed, artful way) the build up of the two character's relationship without having to draw out the video with cutaways. It's a very intimate dance, especially the way he kept grabbing onto the back of her head. It reminds me of the way he would probably hold her to console her had she been having a breakdown about their situation. Intricacies like that really make this a special video.
  9. Repeat it like a mantra (for you), I'm in love, I'm in love.
  10. I'm really looking forward to the bathroom concert tomorrow. :wow: Y'all know how much M likes her bathrooms.
  11. If I had one complaint about the whole Rebel Heart album as a whole, it would be that the line "And I still feel shitty" was taken out of this song. It's even more perfection now tho.
  12. She also said she was happy with the sound of certain demos. Songs like Best Night and HeartBreakCity prove that she would keep the base of the demo if she really wanted to, so it's obvious that that's not what she wanted for WAOM. Not to mention the fact that WAOM and RH serve as closers on their respective versions of the album. It's not even really debatable that she chooses some of the most special songs to close her albums, regardless of how much she pays attention to them afterwards. I mean, Falling Free, Voices, Like It Or Not, Easy Ride, Gone, Mer Girl, Secret Garden, a few barely lucky enough to get one-off performances on tour, much less talked about during promo. If you don't like the songs, fine, but don't try to make it out to seem like Madonna made some mistake by including them as is. If there are no "final versions of RH and WAOM using the demo templates," there were obviously never meant to be any.
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