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  1. Yes Beautiful Scars (Demo) is another of those perfect pop songs that Madonna does so well, and then ignores so frustratingly. Its the Beautiful Killer of Rebel Heart. I tend to view the album version as a lounge remix that fits perfectly on my Madonna lounge collection. It took me a couple of listens to warm to after expecting a polished version of the demo.
  2. M14 producers wishlist

    You can find it here https://www.mixcloud.com/SAYFM/tdhg-jengi-1142015-w-111x/ about 1:18 into the mix.
  3. HOLY TRINITY | Erotica

    Erotica Where Life Begins Rain
  4. HOLY TRINITY | Rebel Heart

    Beautiful Scars, LFL and JOA

    Falling Free Beautiful Killer Love Spent
  6. I must admit that body swap movies are one of my guilty pleasures . '13 going on 30' is one of the best and i'll have to go and watch it again now. if you haven't tried 'Dating the Enemy' with Claudia Karvan and Guy Pearce then its also worth a watch, especially for the soppy romantics .
  7. Favorite "Beautiful" song?

    If this is the quality of her 'beautiful' songs then I want one on the next album (and another Forbidden Love). Love all four but for me BK - BSc - BSt -LIB.
  8. Favorite Madonna song of ALL TIME

    Right this minute it's Into the Groove. I remember when it first came out listening to it on an 18 hour bus trip. Listening to the song on headphones made that trip pure pop bliss.
  9. A present to MadonnaNation

    Love them Thanks guys
  10. I'm hoping for an extended package that includes a gospel version and a piano house version among others. Fingers crossed we don't get the recent uninspired (with some exceptions) remixes.
  11. Yes absolutely 100% on the album or there will be tears .... mine
  12. Best Madonna song in a decade like some have already said ... and it keeps getting better on repeat
  13. Your MDNA Top 5

    1. Falling Free 2. Beautiful Killer 3. Love Spent 4. Gang Bang 5. Masterpiece I nearly made Beautiful Killer number 1 for Bill but I love FF too much ... sowy
  14. I thought it was going to be a cover of "Somebody's Watching Me".