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  1. I really hope that rat faced bitch Miley is not on the album, ugh.
  2. My favorite song of MDNA and top 5 of the whole year tbh
  3. Ooh la la you're my superstar, ooh la la love the way that you are, i'm your biggest fan is true, you can have the password to my phone
  4. That look like christina in ur avatar who is that

    1. cross


      Ellie Goulding

  5. OH MY GOD!!! I LOVE IT!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. It's so hypnotic, the way he pulls on me, it's like the force of gravity right up under my feet. I made a decision I would never look back, so how did you end up with all of my jack? Bang bang, shot you dead. Saying your name is somewhere between a prayer and a shout. Love Spent. Deep and pure our hearts align, and then i'm free, i'm free of mine. Album of life.
  7. I want you to take me like you took your money, Take me in your arms until your last breath I want you to hold me like you hold your money, Hold me in your arms until there's nothing left... Love spent really love spent, yeah i'm love spent, wondering where the love went. BEST.SONG.EVER. :love:
  8. I've been digging this song a lot lately
  9. Omg I'm 100% glad it ended up being a completely different and LEGENDARY song
  10. I got a job again! No more sponging off my parents. First thing to do with my paycheck...FINALLY BUY MDNA
  11. I finally found out what this song reminds me of! Young Folks
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