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  1. Who dafuq is this Sonja person? Where the hell is she coming from? How come we never heard of her? Is her next album called Sonja? Where's Lady Horseface, anyway?
  2. what is UO? UnOriginal?
  3. hahaha right on!
  4. They the same promo early for all her shit, e.g. dive bar tour, SB, and now this. I lost respect for Cooper. sigh...........
  5. I'm sorry, but BORK did it better!
  6. Has she cancelled her flop tour yet?
  7. JLo is so sexy. I hope she stops making music with Pitbull.
  8. I kinda wish the same for Madonna, but they just hate her instead. oh well.
  9. Did she cancel her tour yet?
  10. The Art of Letting (Herself) Go!!!! Lmao
  11. Checking in for a good laugh.
  12. Or one is running out of money.
  13. Her desperation of relevance is thru the roof.
  14. Thanks for a recap for her failing achievement.
  15. They were definitely there to ruin the moment!