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  1. Did she cancel her tour yet?
  2. The Art of Letting (Herself) Go!!!! Lmao
  3. Checking in for a good laugh.
  4. Or one is running out of money.
  5. Her desperation of relevance is thru the roof.
  6. Thanks for a recap for her failing achievement.
  7. They were definitely there to ruin the moment!
  8. Do you really think there's a redemption for something you fucked up really bad?
  9. Are you talking to yourself?
  10. Just wait until M releases a new single/album at a discounted price. Billbored will change their rule just to block M to chart anywhere. I still remember until these days what they did to TPOG!
  11. Are you surprised?
  12. Did she really sell out her first show at Citi Field?
  13. Is she trying to hold her head up?
  14. That's exactly what I was thinking!!! She's a fucking cunt.
  15. You can tell James Hetfield was fucking pissed!!!