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    Lots of ass eating, then kissing, ass to mouth, juicing, licking cummy holes, slurping up cum and cum kissing.
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  1. Divide that shit by 10 grand, and that's the number of her real fans.
  2. How many diseased has she had so far? Has she been raped? If not, she cannot be Lardy.
  3. oh, I thought you wanted to kill yourself.
  4. M makes another headline for having an issue with FedEx. Sh doesn't even have to try. Lmao
  5. Just got back from Montreal. The officer at the border told us Joanne show got jancelled, all turdsters from the US were so upset. I laughed so hard when I heard that.
  6. If they try to pick a fight, they'll never win. We have more than enough evidence. Well, you know, 34 years of evidence.
  7. I would never hang out with this kinda person wtf.