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  1. Bradley Cooper looked sad at the superbowl. I dunno if it was the game or what happened before the game.
  2. St!nk

    one in pink, one in da...
  3. Only JLo can pull off these outfits. Nice try lady myalgia.
  4. I still remember that night from the beginning to the end!
  5. Isn't that what those minions think about Madonna? Hmm. That explains a lot.
  6. Well, let's hope she sells out her second European leg like M did.
  7. M's next single will be recorded in Portuguese. Did you know that? She'll be YUUGEEEEE in Brazil.
  8. How come??? She was so raw in her documentary. She was everything!
  9. Divide that shit by 10 grand, and that's the number of her real fans.
  10. How many diseased has she had so far? Has she been raped? If not, she cannot be Lardy.
  11. oh, I thought you wanted to kill yourself.