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    Lots of ass eating, then kissing, ass to mouth, juicing, licking cummy holes, slurping up cum and cum kissing.
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  1. reQuiem4adream

    Mumford & Sons

  2. reQuiem4adream

    Mumford & Sons

    Oh, you!
  3. reQuiem4adream

    Mumford & Sons

    What are favorite tracks? mine are: Delta Picture You 42 Slip Away Rose of Sharon Can't wait to see them at MSG this December 11!
  4. reQuiem4adream

    Sinead O'Connor [merged]

    Hello, Esther!
  5. reQuiem4adream

    Sinead O'Connor [merged]

    Be whatever the f you want, but don't start preaching others for being different.
  6. reQuiem4adream

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Anyway, what should US do with the caravan from Honduras? Should we let them in, claim asylum and give them citizenship?
  7. reQuiem4adream

    Let's rank all of Bjork's albums!

    Post Homogenic Debut Vespertine Volta and I lost interest in her music after that.
  8. reQuiem4adream

    Westlife confirms reunion

    I don’t think they’re that ugly compared to Backstreet Boys.
  9. reQuiem4adream

    Mumford & Sons

    Any M & S fans here? They just announced their world tour in 60 cities today, before their new album, "Delta" is even released. The new single, "Guiding Light" is pretty good and quite spiritual.
  10. reQuiem4adream

    Do you still discover new music and artists?

    I usually listen to SoundCloud and explore those suggested artists from the same genre. I've been listening to Nils Frahm from the past couple of weeks now.
  11. reQuiem4adream

    Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    I'd vote for the next Democrats candidate if they can get rid of Pelosi, Schumer, Warren and Waters. You'll get my vote!
  12. Millennials! This is what happens when you just throw iPad at your kids to keep them quiet. It works for a while, but then that device just sucks the life out of their kids and turns them into zombies. I woulda given that kid a shot of alcohol though.
  13. he's gonna be somebody's bitch in that big house. GAPING hole guaranteed!
  14. reQuiem4adream

    China will rate its citizens

    I'm pretty this is happening soon! Great episode tho!
  15. reQuiem4adream


    Has Bork planned to released a new album yet?