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    Lots of ass eating, then kissing, ass to mouth, juicing, licking cummy holes, slurping up cum and cum kissing.
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    The Power of Good-Bye

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  1. I’m definitely voting for Yeesus. I really can’t vote for Biden.
  2. Lawddd is that you in your cover photo. I live!

    1. reQuiem4adream


      Of course not! His name is Pablo Buosi. 

    2. MadFan
  3. Instead of GHV3, can she just released 50 #1s remixed by Diplo or Stuart Price?
  4. It’s gonna be between Trump vs Sanders. I don’t think Trump will win by a landslide. I prefer Buttigieg against Trump, but we all know how it works. I still think the only way to defeat Trump is to be like Trump and more. Who though?
  5. This will be her last term as a congresswoman from district 13. I will vote you out!
  6. Another 15 minutes for him. So did he get 25K? Should he now move on?
  7. Batuka was like Shanti/Ashtangi on Ray of Light. It's an acquired taste. After a few months, Batuka is still in my top 5. Can't wait what she would do with it on the concert. I hope it's not an interlude.
  8. For this week: God Control Batuka I Don’t Search I Find Bitch I’m Loca Crave
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