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  1. Well for once a southern baptist has not blamed the gays. Usually they are first at hand to blame any catastrophe being gods punishment for them allowing us homosexuals to exist.
  2. I get this often when I travel. People tell me "what you paid for that was expensive", despite the fact it cost equivalent of a pound or two, and could cost four times more in the UK. Surely one of the great things about being able to afford to travel is to bring some economic benefit to the people who are hosting you? £1 for a cup of tea is nothing and anyone who can afford to travel from Europe and grudges paying a local £1 for such should have their passport removed from them.
  3. So she can't make a decision to have n abortion at 12, but same could be argued she can't make a decision to have a child. A 12 year old has been raped which is horrific enough, but then for people to battle in the courts that she cannot have abortion is abhorrent. She will be physically and psychologically damaged enough by being raped without having to endure a pregnancy and childbirth of a child she has never consented to have. How dare any man (or woman) try to stop her having a termination. Always conservative christian men trying to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies, even if it damages them physically and psychologically.
  4. He looks like a lesbian. For me there is something here about the doctors who do this to people. The guys, and a lot of people like him are fucked up. Surgeons who continue to indulge their harmful ways are immoral and unethical, and they are breaking the hippocratic oath as they are inflicting harm on their patients. He probably has a psychiatric illness which he is treating by making himself look less than human.
  5. Macron it is then hopefully? I find him quite cute, which is a plus.
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39186644 Not sure if anyone has posted this? Words fail me.
  7. I think it is because most sane people can't seem to comprehend that it goes on so has not got a lot of attention. I dont know if it is widespread or not in Europe? Does anyone have any experience with it or know anyone who does?
  8. Words can't express my sadness at this. I don't know what to say.
  9. It is quite appalling but unfortunately all too common in the USA. My heart goes out to all involved and once again we find ourselves completely baffled by the complete lack of gun control in the USA. How many more before something is done? One wonders how the right wing will react to this. A potential muslim (or at least someone of Afghan origin) kills mostly gay people. It has everything that winds them up. Gun control, gays, muslim terrorists.
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-us-2016-36404323 For a candidate to polarise opinion to the point of violence is really worrying. Anyone pragmatic would pull out realising that their running is only further dividing their country. Unfortunately Donald Trump is not pragmatic and seems to believe he is the saviour of the USA. My friends in Washington call his supporters "low information voters", people who believe his soundbites and will not do any research for themselves to find out the truth. There has never been a more important time for the Democrats to come together and unite behind one candidate. Bernie, for all he was supposed to be a breath of fresh air, is acting now like a typical ego driven politician. He needs to get over himself, realise he needs to quit the race for the sake of the country and throw all his support behind Hilary. It does however make me laugh when people speak about Bernie's left wing politics. Left wing in the USA is not very left wing in Europe.
  11. It is not the sort of thing a 14 year old boy could ask in 1988. Nowadays maybe, but at 41 me asking a bunch of school guys to fuck me would not go down well.
  12. I would have been completely up for that. If i could have got the boys to go gay, I would have been the schools cum bucket. Alas they all wanted to put their penises in girls instead of my arse.
  13. For me the issue is that of risk to jobs and livelihoods. Is there a risk, I don't know, but the rich won't be impacted if the vote is to leave and it all goes tits up. They can just fly the nest and sit it out somewhere warm and nice. I agree with Kim around the fearmongering re immigration and terrorism. It is interesting that today the no camps are now at war over who has been nominated to run the official campaign.
  14. You will find this in any nation. People blindly follow a religion or belief without really understanding it, or wondering where it came from. They do it because they are told, or they are dumb or they are just too scared to accept that life will be over one day and there is nothing beyond it. I like to use Scientology in this sort of conversation. A religion where you can actually pinpoint the person who made it up, when and why he made it up, yet people have signed up to it and blindly follow its insane ramblings.
  15. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, no matter how wrong they are. The only people who will agree with him are the people who already hold these beliefs themselves. Someone who gets punched for a living quoting a bible verse is not going to cause a sea change in public opinion. He is an ignorant religious twat, and the world is full of them, wasting their time following a fairy story.
  16. Can we lay off the racial slurs? We have Asian members on this forum. I am sue we can all express our feelings without resorting to racial slurs.
  17. So they are incentivising you to break the law as prisons will be full of people who love anal and oral. I feel a gay fantasy coming on. Better get my bar of soap ready to drop.
  18. I absolutely agree that religious adverts should be banned. Let this go then it is only a matter of time before others jump on the bandwagon. Luckily Scientology is not a recognised religion in the UK or they would be at the front of queue trying to recruit with their nonsense. There is nothing PC about this. If they want to show such a thing, then churches, mosques and synagogs should allow me to come and preach my lack of belief to their congregations. That is free speech after all.
  19. I am glad the Russian people are so well fed and affluent that they can afford to waste vast quantities of food. It is the action of a vain, power hungry, ill informed, xenophobic dangerous man, and I am not talking about Donald Trump.
  20. I agree, but we need to calm down a bit an not assume anyone fingered is guilty. It is a very different time now and protectionism will always exist, but I do believe the truth will come out. We just need to not assume the truth will always be guilt!
  21. People please remember we live in a society of innocent until proven guilty. I don't know if Ted Heath did it or not, but please let the facts and evidence come to light (if there are any) before you condemn the man as an abuser. If we pronounce someone guilty based on rumours and subterfuge, then we are no better than all the other arseholes on the internet.
  22. I am sorry but even for Madonna i cannot bring myself to buy The Sun. It is all i can do to watch ITV on Saturday!
  23. Actually it can be very panful for both, and the panic that sets in only worsens the experience. Relaxation is the key to solving the issue, but when it happens, people pan and it makes it much worse. After all, you can get a baby out of it!
  24. Ok I know I will get a pasting for this, but I feel sorry for the dancer. He or she must be feeling like their life and career is over. It must be terrible to be the perceived cause of such an incident and see all the traffic online about the consequences to yourself.
  25. A huge amount of love for Madonna this morning. Its all over the place, lots of light hearted jesting but overall love and admiration.
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