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  1. So how is her massive tour selling? Will we see record attendances, verified by pictures of Metallica concerts?
  2. Macron it is then hopefully? I find him quite cute, which is a plus.
  3. I must have missed that. Still i think SpecSavers is just slightly more tacky! What is next, the new face of Aldi or Lidl? Poundland promo, or Butlins maybe?
  4. Not sure if anyone has posted this? Words fail me.
  5. This really is the lowest of the low. Pairing up with spec savers to launch eyewear. Desperation personified.
  6. Oh imagine. Lulu chibbing her with an Irn Bru bottle and giving her a Glesga Kiss. You can imagine her screaming "Take that ye bucked toothed wee Aussie cunt".
  7. Am i reading this right. I go away for four weeks and come back to find she has announced a tour with stadium shows? What the fuck happened in that time that made her think such a move was sensible? At which point will it be cancelled because she has Ultra Chlamydia or Super Gonorrhoea?
  8. I can't tell the whole story as it would be entirely recognisable and betray confidence but a friend who was head of a business had a visit from Cilla and said she was the worst human being he had ever met. Was exceptionally rude to all, and acted like a total cunt to everyone. I have been away out of the UK on holiday for a month, mostly at sea so been devoid of internet. Imagine coming back to find that Kylie goes from strength to strength and is being considered for Blind Date. When barrels were scraped, it used to be Lulu you heard, but now it is Kylie. She really is a new Lulu.
  9. I think it is because most sane people can't seem to comprehend that it goes on so has not got a lot of attention. I dont know if it is widespread or not in Europe? Does anyone have any experience with it or know anyone who does?
  10. I heard her new Christmas song for the first time this week. Just appalling, terrible nasal whine and so sugary I am now at risk of becoming diabetic.
  11. I heard a Christmas song yesterday that would be perfect for Mimi record. It was called "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas". I think with some very clever camera work she could play both herself and the hippo in the video. She would have to slim down though to have a realistic chance of being the right size to play the hippo.
  12. If I had children and they were half Minogue i would have put them up for adoption, or at least put them to use sweeping chimneys. I would never have wanted them sitting at the table with the normal family looking like donkeys with learning difficulties. Perish the thought.
  13. Say the name Lulu and you can hear barrels being scraped everywhere, just like when you say the name Kylie.
  14. Maybe Kylie and Danni can be the Fran and Anna of the 21st century? \
  15. I Feel Love is one of the greatest songs of all time.