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  1. You know some of the replies in here really annoy me and cheapen the name of Madonna fans. Who gives a fuck if someone makes more money on tour than Madonna? Madonna is one of the greatest and most influential artists of all time. She has a legacy that cannot be surpassed. People may sell more than her now, and her records may be broken, but culturally Madonna has done more than most and will forever be remembered as true icon, long after many of these other artists have been forgotten. Be happy that you are fans of the greatest artist of all time, and don't be bitter that a bland uninspiring group makes more money that she did on tour, or that some unimportant newspaper, website or magazine does not lick her arse constantly and lists someone else higher on a pointless list than her. Madonna is a true icon, someone who has and continues to influence generations (even if they don't know it, or won't admit it). Very few people no matter how much money they make or how many records they sell, will ever be able to claim that.
  2. Gaga is like Kylie. No-one cares about her, but people who don't care think there are lots of people who do care about her, meaning we are forever trapped in this terrible cycle of newspapers and websites telling us how popular she is and how many people love her. If only they did a bit of research they would realise that no-one gives a shit, and hasn't for a long time now.
  3. So she can't make a decision to have n abortion at 12, but same could be argued she can't make a decision to have a child. A 12 year old has been raped which is horrific enough, but then for people to battle in the courts that she cannot have abortion is abhorrent. She will be physically and psychologically damaged enough by being raped without having to endure a pregnancy and childbirth of a child she has never consented to have. How dare any man (or woman) try to stop her having a termination. Always conservative christian men trying to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies, even if it damages them physically and psychologically.
  4. He looks like a lesbian. For me there is something here about the doctors who do this to people. The guys, and a lot of people like him are fucked up. Surgeons who continue to indulge their harmful ways are immoral and unethical, and they are breaking the hippocratic oath as they are inflicting harm on their patients. He probably has a psychiatric illness which he is treating by making himself look less than human.

    I totally agree. Isn't it funny how a move that could be a wee throw away is something that draws so much focus?

    The best opening of any of her tours. Also a great song to motivate when running or working out. I put it on for the last ten minutes of my run when I am feeling like I want to quit, and it always gets me through to the end, especially the last three minutes. In ten years I have never tired listening to this.
  7. Personally I am relaxed about the whole project. Everything that can ever be said about Madonna has been said. Those who hate her really hate her and any movie, no matter how it is framed, will make the slightest bit of difference. It it is amazing, then great. if it is shit, then at least it is not an Madonna made or starred in movie!
  8. So how is her massive tour selling? Will we see record attendances, verified by pictures of Metallica concerts?
  9. France Elects Emmanuel Macron

    Macron it is then hopefully? I find him quite cute, which is a plus.
  10. The Girlie Show: Iconic

    After BA, i was very disappointed in the Girlie Show, but that was because of my age at the time. As i have matured i have come to appreciate the GS for everything that it is and the work and artistry that is in it. GS Express Yourself is the song i hope for when i am in the last 10 minutes of my run and needing a boost to get me to the end. Works every time.
  11. Favorite live performances of La Isla Bonita?

    Live Earth. Another one of those Madonna performances where she proves to people she does not rest on her laurels and will always reinvent.
  12. Favorite Blond Ambition?

    Nice. I was 16, on my first holiday without my parents to visit friends in America and watched this on HBO. It is what made me a Madonna fan.
  13. There is no competition. BA is iconic and will never be beaten. One of the best live performances by any artist ever!
  14. Kylie Minogue thread

    I must have missed that. Still i think SpecSavers is just slightly more tacky! What is next, the new face of Aldi or Lidl? Poundland promo, or Butlins maybe?
  15. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-39186644 Not sure if anyone has posted this? Words fail me.