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  1. Personally I am relaxed about the whole project. Everything that can ever be said about Madonna has been said. Those who hate her really hate her and any movie, no matter how it is framed, will make the slightest bit of difference. It it is amazing, then great. if it is shit, then at least it is not an Madonna made or starred in movie!
  2. So how is her massive tour selling? Will we see record attendances, verified by pictures of Metallica concerts?
  3. Macron it is then hopefully? I find him quite cute, which is a plus.
  4. After BA, i was very disappointed in the Girlie Show, but that was because of my age at the time. As i have matured i have come to appreciate the GS for everything that it is and the work and artistry that is in it. GS Express Yourself is the song i hope for when i am in the last 10 minutes of my run and needing a boost to get me to the end. Works every time.
  5. Live Earth. Another one of those Madonna performances where she proves to people she does not rest on her laurels and will always reinvent.
  6. Nice. I was 16, on my first holiday without my parents to visit friends in America and watched this on HBO. It is what made me a Madonna fan.
  7. There is no competition. BA is iconic and will never be beaten. One of the best live performances by any artist ever!
  8. I must have missed that. Still i think SpecSavers is just slightly more tacky! What is next, the new face of Aldi or Lidl? Poundland promo, or Butlins maybe?
  9. Not sure if anyone has posted this? Words fail me.
  10. This really is the lowest of the low. Pairing up with spec savers to launch eyewear. Desperation personified.
  11. 17 years ago? Time does not go by so slowly! I hate her version of AP, but was glad it gave her another number 1. Was at a time when Madonna could do little wrong.
  12. Oh imagine. Lulu chibbing her with an Irn Bru bottle and giving her a Glesga Kiss. You can imagine her screaming "Take that ye bucked toothed wee Aussie cunt".
  13. Have chosen Vogue but as said before, there really isn't just one. LAV, LAP, Material Girl, Hung Up, PDP and ITG all up there as well.
  14. Am i reading this right. I go away for four weeks and come back to find she has announced a tour with stadium shows? What the fuck happened in that time that made her think such a move was sensible? At which point will it be cancelled because she has Ultra Chlamydia or Super Gonorrhoea?
  15. I can't tell the whole story as it would be entirely recognisable and betray confidence but a friend who was head of a business had a visit from Cilla and said she was the worst human being he had ever met. Was exceptionally rude to all, and acted like a total cunt to everyone. I have been away out of the UK on holiday for a month, mostly at sea so been devoid of internet. Imagine coming back to find that Kylie goes from strength to strength and is being considered for Blind Date. When barrels were scraped, it used to be Lulu you heard, but now it is Kylie. She really is a new Lulu.