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  1. It's quite astounding but most just move on to the next "prophecy." I am sure some of the QAnon followers get frustrated when these things don't come true (i.e. Trump being reinstated as President in August), but on the whole, they just move like mindless husks to the next proclamation. It's unnerving to think that 56% of Republicans believe QAnon is partially or completely true. That's not an insignificant number. Not to sound like an alarmist, but something like Nazi Germany could definitely happen in the U.S. if this continues abated. I actually have people in my own family now who believe the Democratic party is controlled by Satan and that they should prepare for war. It's like something out of the Twilight Zone.
  2. I never cease to be amazed by the depths of stupidity in our country. It's like, "How much worse can it get?" I don't even want to find out.
  3. The Afghani situation spanned 4 U.S. Presidents. Obviously, we cannot do effective nation building. As bad as I feel for the people there, I don't believe there is much that could be done unless we just stayed forever.
  4. This is the legacy of FOX News and right wing talk radio. For two generations now, they have been poisoning the minds of about 40-45% of the population. And it works. Unfortunately, for those brainwashed by the "Democrats are the enemy" message, all their victories are Pyrrhic.
  5. We have a pandemic raging across the planet. A major world democracy [U.S.] almost slipped into a dictatorship overnight. And the use of emojis warrants a full article?
  6. I am not as worried about Nevada. I think most of what is left is mail-in and someone from the Nevada Democratic Party said that has heavily favored Biden thus far. If he wins Pennsylvania (also likely right now), he doesn't need Arizona. And some are saying Georgia isn't over yet either. I guess we will see. Fox News (of all places) seemed pretty confident about Arizona for Biden. They actually do have a good analytics team.
  7. Oh totally. Don't get me wrong, the fact that Biden will be President (99% sure anyway), at least most of us can sleep at night. AND I am hopeful he will elevate promising Democrats into his cabinet and advisor positions (Buttigieg, Abrams, Castro, etc.). I am more excited about the doors he will open to the talent of the future.
  8. The odds are very good that Biden cleans the table with the remaining outstanding vote (aside from North Carolina and possibly Georgia - although the trend lines look good). I am happy with that victory but it has come at a terrible cost, and the fact that Trump got millions of more votes over 2016 just shows you that 60 million American are completely ok with the last 4 years. This is no longer a minority party in the sense that close to half the voting public would probably support an authoritarian regime even if it was the Fourth Reich. This isn't going away. These people are furious and violent (not all 60 million, mind you), but enough of them to cause chaos in the future. America has a very long way to go, and it's like to result in a further weakening of the Union.
  9. That's awesome. Yeah, the feeling of anxiety in the U.S. is palpable. There is a part of me that is thinking (optimistically), "This is not 2016, and it will be different this time." And then the other half thinks, "This is it. Prepare for the biggest stink bomb 2020 has to offer...re-election of Orange Mussolini." Keep us in your thoughts, my international brothers and sisters.
  10. Many pollsters modified their modeling after 2016 to account for some of that, however, you are right that the polls are only as good as the honesty of those being polled (and many may support Trump but aren't willing to say it). Some of the good news I am talking about is the increased voter turnout. In some swing states, Democrats are returning mail-in ballots at a much higher rate. Of course, that advantage can easily be wiped out by GOP voters on Election Day, but we'll see. In places like TX and GA (traditionally Republican states), turnout is much higher than 2016 and generally speaking, higher turnout has traditionally benefited Democrats. But again, I know it's not a done deal.
  11. Not to make anyone feel complacent, but the data does seem to show a convincing Biden win. I think people are just scarred by 2016, and we obviously have a lot of chicanery going on with the Trump campaign already (lawsuits to deny ballots, slowing the Postal Service, etc.). No matter who wins, there is going to be a firestorm.
  12. Democrats need to go nuclear if they win the Presidency and Senate. No more kiddie gloves for these GOP cunts. They have no honor or respect for the law. Stack the court and stack it huge. Or lament your unraveling policies in the years to come. The GOP has effectively become the enemy of the state.
  13. I hope it is a landslide against this cunt. I want his legacy to be that of a LOSER, a murderer, and a tasteless wimp who couldn't handle the pressure. Good bye, and good riddance, you bloated piece of orange trash.
  14. Although Romney may have a SHRED of decency left in him, I have no respect for him or his party. They all allowed this to happen. They are just as guilty as their voters.
  15. I am not so sure Trump getting COVID-19 helps his re-election. I mean, we'll see what polls say (not that I trust them as much since 2016), but based on what people know about the precautions you should take and the fact that Trump has flouted them - and his entire inner circle is now exposed - I don't think it's going to play well. His base is a lost cause, but independents won't feel sorry for him.
  16. Yep. Get ready for a dictatorship. Unless the military intervenes.
  17. There is next to nothing that can be done to save the Court at this point. Barring the defection of 4 GOP senators (unlikely), or Biden packing the court (also unlikely unless Democrats win the Senate). The Court is lost for at least 10 years. Conservatives will have a 6-3 majority. More money allowed, more voter restrictions allowed, fewer reproductive rights, and possibly fewer LGBTQ rights as well (although Roberts and Gorsuch did surprise us in recent years).
  18. ^ That a good one. Biden is the most moderate of Democrats and Wall Street shouldn't fear him. Obama was more liberal (yet still moderate by our country's standards). Biden is not going to usher in socialism. Now, if he picked Warren as his VP and something happened to him, that might be a different story. I think it's going to be Kamala as VP unless they uncover something in her past when she was the Attorney General of California.
  19. I am in denial because of 2016. I can see if there is a rapid V-shaped economic recovery and a vaccine found for COVID-19, his numbers could recover enough to win by a slim margin. Not likely, but a possibility. Also, with so many people on the left calling for de-funding police departments, there could be a backlash against Democrats in the swing states. Although, if you look at the numbers right now, he and the GOP are going to lose in a 2008-style wave. But we're still 5 months away and lord knows NO ONE has a memory anymore for past events beyond 10 seconds.
  20. I hope hackers blow the case wide open, if it's true. All these bastards need to come down in flames.
  21. Our Republic needs to be saved. Can it be? I honestly don't know anymore. It feels like the end.
  22. Don't get to down, everyone. It's still possible that Donald botches the COVID-19 epidemic so badly that even Biden can win. Never underestimate the anti-Trump vote... https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/485994-democratic-turnout-surges-on-super-tuesday In Virginia, the fourth most delegate-rich state to hold a primary Tuesday, more than 1.3 million voters cast ballots — a nearly 70 percent increase over 2016, when about 783,000 voted in the Democratic presidential primary. That surpasses a previous record set in 2008, when just under 1 million voters turned out. In North Carolina, turnout was up by about 17 percent over 2016 levels. And in Texas, at least 45 percent more voters went to the polls on Tuesday than showed up four years ago, according to an analysis of vote returns. Both VA and NC are swing states (VA less so in recent years), and Biden won both. I am not saying he'll beat Trump, but there are glimmers of hope here. If Democrats can sustain that enthusiasm then even down-ticket races will be affected and we REALLY need to win the Senate (maybe more so than the Presidency) if for no reason than the Supreme Court.
  23. And yet she still had more votes at the end. Arenas don't mean shit if those people don't go to the polls. Look at this year's turnout. Sanders is getting fewer voters to the primaries than he did in 2016, yet they still go to the arenas. Young people simply don't vote as reliably as older people. It's a mathematical fact.
  24. I don't think Biden OR Bernie bode well for Democrats' luck in November. God, I hope I am wrong. This is not an attack on Bernie as I would happily vote for him in the general election, but his voter turnout thus far in 2020 has been less than his 2016 showing and his supporters have even more reason this time to rally. But they're not. He can fill stadiums but not ballot boxes, even among young voters: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/03/04/super-tuesday-bernie-sanders-youth-votes-fell-short-compared-2016/4947795002/ Even Sanders’ home state of Vermont showed a lackluster turnout of young millennials and 'Gen Zers.' Only 10% of the state’s electorate were under 30 compared to 15% when he ran against Clinton, according to exit polls. And a similar trend was playing out in Texas where 16% of voters were between 17 and 29 compared to 20% in 2016. The common theme in all six states: Sanders fared worse this year than he did when he faced eventual nominee Hillary Clinton four years ago. I refuse to say that Trump is a shoe-in for re-election, and I hope people rally around Biden if he's the nominee, but this really does not look good.
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