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  1. Democrats need to go nuclear if they win the Presidency and Senate. No more kiddie gloves for these GOP cunts. They have no honor or respect for the law. Stack the court and stack it huge. Or lament your unraveling policies in the years to come. The GOP has effectively become the enemy of the state.
  2. I hope it is a landslide against this cunt. I want his legacy to be that of a LOSER, a murderer, and a tasteless wimp who couldn't handle the pressure. Good bye, and good riddance, you bloated piece of orange trash.
  3. Although Romney may have a SHRED of decency left in him, I have no respect for him or his party. They all allowed this to happen. They are just as guilty as their voters.
  4. I am not so sure Trump getting COVID-19 helps his re-election. I mean, we'll see what polls say (not that I trust them as much since 2016), but based on what people know about the precautions you should take and the fact that Trump has flouted them - and his entire inner circle is now exposed - I don't think it's going to play well. His base is a lost cause, but independents won't feel sorry for him.
  5. Yep. Get ready for a dictatorship. Unless the military intervenes.
  6. There is next to nothing that can be done to save the Court at this point. Barring the defection of 4 GOP senators (unlikely), or Biden packing the court (also unlikely unless Democrats win the Senate). The Court is lost for at least 10 years. Conservatives will have a 6-3 majority. More money allowed, more voter restrictions allowed, fewer reproductive rights, and possibly fewer LGBTQ rights as well (although Roberts and Gorsuch did surprise us in recent years).
  7. ^ That a good one. Biden is the most moderate of Democrats and Wall Street shouldn't fear him. Obama was more liberal (yet still moderate by our country's standards). Biden is not going to usher in socialism. Now, if he picked Warren as his VP and something happened to him, that might be a different story. I think it's going to be Kamala as VP unless they uncover something in her past when she was the Attorney General of California.
  8. I am in denial because of 2016. I can see if there is a rapid V-shaped economic recovery and a vaccine found for COVID-19, his numbers could recover enough to win by a slim margin. Not likely, but a possibility. Also, with so many people on the left calling for de-funding police departments, there could be a backlash against Democrats in the swing states. Although, if you look at the numbers right now, he and the GOP are going to lose in a 2008-style wave. But we're still 5 months away and lord knows NO ONE has a memory anymore for past events beyond 10 seconds.
  9. I hope hackers blow the case wide open, if it's true. All these bastards need to come down in flames.
  10. Our Republic needs to be saved. Can it be? I honestly don't know anymore. It feels like the end.
  11. Don't get to down, everyone. It's still possible that Donald botches the COVID-19 epidemic so badly that even Biden can win. Never underestimate the anti-Trump vote... https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/485994-democratic-turnout-surges-on-super-tuesday In Virginia, the fourth most delegate-rich state to hold a primary Tuesday, more than 1.3 million voters cast ballots — a nearly 70 percent increase over 2016, when about 783,000 voted in the Democratic presidential primary. That surpasses a previous record set in 2008, when just under 1 million voters turned out. In North C
  12. And yet she still had more votes at the end. Arenas don't mean shit if those people don't go to the polls. Look at this year's turnout. Sanders is getting fewer voters to the primaries than he did in 2016, yet they still go to the arenas. Young people simply don't vote as reliably as older people. It's a mathematical fact.
  13. I don't think Biden OR Bernie bode well for Democrats' luck in November. God, I hope I am wrong. This is not an attack on Bernie as I would happily vote for him in the general election, but his voter turnout thus far in 2020 has been less than his 2016 showing and his supporters have even more reason this time to rally. But they're not. He can fill stadiums but not ballot boxes, even among young voters: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2020/03/04/super-tuesday-bernie-sanders-youth-votes-fell-short-compared-2016/4947795002/ Even Sanders’ home state of Vermont s
  14. Nothing Bernie is proposing will happen, even if he wins. He'd need 60+ Senators and the House to get it passed, and the ONLY time we've gotten those numbers was after a huge financial crash (2008) that came right at the end of 8 years of Republican rule, so unless that perfect storm comes together for him, we will all keep dreaming. Not saying I won't vote for Bernie if he wins the nomination, I am just a realist about what's really going to change in this country. If Bernie won and we also got 51+ Democratic Senators, we would at least get a Supreme Court justice (and we NEED that now).
  15. I think it will actually take a major economic calamity for Trump to lose, and I say this as someone who thinks he's the worst person to sit in the Oval Office in my lifetime. Democrats are very fractured, and to date, I don't see an "Obama coalition"-style candidate among the current crowd.
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