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  1. I havent even listened to RH or the Wash song. True fan.

    I'm only kidding, but I cant get my head over not being able to have enough control to not listen to STOLEN music. We dont even know the marketing strategy behind this album. Imagine if it wasnt just a bog standard release. All ruined now.

    I dind't hear them too. But that doesn't make me better than anyone else. It's not like if all of us didn't hear they wouldn't leak anyway.

    Madonna will be devasted :cries:

  2. I think it artistic merit, I feel she views the albums as a collection of her art and gives them an original title much like an exhibition or a painting. I could be wrong and she does title it something like Rebel Heart but I'm just going by the last ten years of studio albums

    I get you. But I think the reason she didn't name her last albums off a song is because there isn't one that represents all the work in it. Maybe this time there is. :)

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