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  1. I wish she made a call to some familiar music video directors of her. MDNA was an upgrade, but she still can much more. Music videos is the way a lot of people "listen" to songs nowadays and I include myself in that. She always had GREAT music videos.

    I miss directors who know the importance of light and camera work! I miss directors who know what a goddess she is and did portray her like one!

    I know her focus nowadays is the tour and I'm not bashing her. She has reasons to. But I wished she put more importance in her music videos like she used to. She was one of the first artists that made them a thing! And look how big they are today! Give a call to David Fincher, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Fabien Baron, Mark Romanek and even Mert and Marcus.

    This is not complaining btw! I'm sure I will be able to enjoy whatever video she releases, as I always did! :tigger:

  2. Oh my God, She is set to spend New years Eve here in Rio in a Party organized by Mert and Ricardo Tisci.

    M, Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Mario Testino and lots of other stars.

    I am working on the event's production. OH GOD!!!!

    P.S - It is at this moment, classified CONFIDENTIAL for us at the office.

    Hmm, no.

    It was not confidential at all. The Brazilian Elle Magazine posted on their instagram this info before you wrote your post.

    And the news has now blown up in Brazilian media.

  3. I feel like I'm talking to myself here.

    None of these songs seem to have been touched by DJ Dahi and Blood Diamonds. This is most likely not the final album, nor the final versions.

    I kind of would have loved for this to be an actual promotion strategy. But by now it seems pretty obvious it wasn't. Oh well. Get a better management team.

    No one replied to you because everybody already knows they are early demos.

  4. I'm just waiting for the inevitable "The demo version was better" posts...

    Yes, I think that's inevitable once you hear the demo a lot of times and get used to it. I did the same with Revolver :(

    But now I don't hear any leaks. I want to be well surprised by M and not have the feeling of "wait a minute, before it had this something that was better".

    This is just my opinion btw. Sometimes you have to write this at the bottom of your posts :lol:

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