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  1. We won't lose anything. She already had to endure those idiotic questions last year. We will still be able to see her with an outstanding look in the press center after the performance. That happened in 2006 as well.
  2. The best part is that she has a good chance of coming back there next year to collect HER awards and to perform the last single of the album
  3. That's just it. The announcement was already made. The song is hitting radio on feb 10th.
  4. It will be #UnapologeticFans I can see her during the tour rehearsals taking pictures of the fans who wear black wires on their faces and posting on her instagram with that tag.
  5. Oh you should google this corset designer! They are really beautiful!
  6. And that's because we had Smirnoff bottles all over the set. Don't you think that was M's money
  7. Yeah, I think at least one is a remix, just like it was with MDNA.
  8. When will we get the single cover? May I cry? Thank, you Godonna! :drama:
  9. I heard the Pope will change the Christmas day! It will be 20th December from now on!
  10. It's impossible not to dance to Living For Love even if you don't want it!!!!
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