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  1. So Madonna just passed the 13 million mark of monthly listeners on Spotify! The top 3 cities who most listens to Madonna continues to be: 1. Mexico City (Mexico) 2. Santiago (Chile) 3. São Paulo (Brazil) Annnnnnd some North American and European fans are calling us SPOILED for complaining about the tour! The NERVE!
  2. She should perform Medellín and Crave or another new one! No point in performing an old hit if she doesn't want to sell out stadiums anyway. She will sell out small theaters in Europe even without promo so she might as well use this to promote the album and not the tour!
  3. I'm pretty sure that's what happened there. It's not the first time she does that at interviews. It makes the interviewer explain to the audience and she doesn't comes off as "egocentric".
  4. This is a joke. There are "dozens" of "warnings" just in this thread without counting other threads. And nothing is done. That's whhy people don't respect the rules.
  5. By your hints I think she will be the muse of a painter? And maybe even partially naked? I don't want to know, of course. But it's fun to wonder!
  6. It's ridiculous that "fans" help to do that. I can't wrap my head around that.
  7. Oh my god guys! You can't ask or post links for leaked material! It's against the forum rules! I'm calling a suspension for those who broke the rules. It's not the first time this is being warned!
  8. Yeah, I'm confused too. I didn't hear her say nothing about a next single.
  9. Ok but I dont think the holograms added much to the performance. Im sure she will have a better use for them on the tour. Maybe telling the story of Madame X. the most importantthing to me is that she had a lot of fun!
  10. Maluma about Madonna licking her toe: https://www.accessonline.com/videos/maluma-reveals-how-it-felt-to-have-madonna-lick-his-big-toe-in-their-medellin-music-video
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