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  1. I don't have a facebook account. :nocomment: But if I had one, I would ask her one of the following questions:

    - How do you deal with sexism and ageism directed towards you? What do you say to those critics who claim you should grow up, act your age and stop calling yourself "girl" in your songs?

    - Recently, your producer Martin Solveig said in an interview that there is an unreleased track from your recording sessions with him that won't be released. What's it called and will it never ever see the light of the day?

    - While writing and recording the song "Gang Bang", were you thinking about anybody in particular (poor bitch)?

    - What's the last movie you saw/ book you read?

    Maybe you guys wanna post one of these questions on facebook????

    Thanks and have a great week-end! :kiss2:

    I don't have an account either! But I really liked your first question. Hope she talks something like that.

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