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  1. I'm the same! it's like a have 15 babies to take care of haha
  2. I really hope she uses the same orchestra she was rehearsing Frozen to sing this song too!
  3. I have never listened to a leaked song on my life, so yeah.
  4. I agree, for me it would be the obvious choice for second single instead of Crave. But I get why she did that. I just hope we have a performance on tour!
  5. It will count for the Romanian charts. And of course for the world wide sales!
  6. I just have to say how emotional it makes me when I listen to Madonna singing in perfect Portuguese (sometimes from Portugal, sometimes from Brazil and sometimes from Cape Verde). Never in a million years I thought my favorite artist (and the biggest artist who ever lived) would make art with my mother language. I just want to cry, especially because the songs she sings in Portuguese are pieces of pure art. I have no words to describe my feelings, I think it's a mix of lucidity and craziness. It's something it will be forever in my heart and I'm so fucking grateful for it! Than
  7. Like that North American exchange student at the college party in Brazil who doesn't know how to dance properly but makes an effort and it's kinda cute watching
  8. It feels very out of place in the album imo
  9. Anyone who doesn't "feel" this song has to give back their gay cards and any gay rights you have if you live in a "lucky" country.
  10. The most Fado song on the album. WOW Just WOW! Really, WOW! Standing ovation, please!
  11. As a Brazilian I just can't stop shaking my bubble hot ass to this song! It's already a bop in Brazil and tonight I'm going to a Madame X themed party. So expect more ass shakinng from me until the dawn comes....
  12. This is a classic and modern at the same time. I wish all the whole world would listen to this song. I'm so damn proud :crying in portuguese:
  13. This is the most surprising song for me. I was expecting a *bonus material* from this one and then BAM! One of the most beatiful and emotional Madonna songs on her career and you guys know that means a lot! Damn, Madame X
  14. It's one of my favorites for sure! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot
  15. I was HIT by it! I'm still trying to know where I am and what I am!
  16. It's a hit! There's no way a Brazilian will not love this!
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