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  1. It doesn't say if she played or will be playing. He just lists artists...
  2. Madonnarama says Madonna is negotiating a performance on The Voice France in March.
  3. And they act like we all wanted to listen to this songs before the time. Bitch, fuck off. You can shove these final tracks on my face and I won't listen until March, 10th.
  4. No, she said the plan was to release on Valentine's Day. Plans change.
  5. Well, you could change the way you think or keep complaining about a standard edition Madonna doesn't give two fucks about.
  6. No, Not for Madonna. During MDNA Guy Oseary always said the deluxe album was what they considered the MDNA album. Madonna doesn't care about the standard editions. And why should anyone tbh?
  7. I feel the same. One week after the Grammy's to keep the momentum.
  8. As if Madonna would care for the standard edition. Guy Oseary said during MDNA they always acknowledge the deluxe edition as the MDNA album.
  9. I just brought up the VICE interview in another thread and I went to watch it because for me that feels like the start of the Revolution of Love. Anyway, when talking about her role models, Madonna talks about Martha Graham and how she inspired her. I quote: "[...] changed the world of dance by taking women out of pointy shoes and corsets and freeing the body. And she used a lot of Greek mythology in her work and her work was very sexual[...]" That did ring a bell!
  10. Madonna's live performances is so many miles away form Rihanna's I can't even put into words.
  11. It's the usual let's trash the previous album because we just can't enjoy the new one without trashing the previous one.
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