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  1. I don't know where to post this

    But my boyfriend texted me this a few mins ago

    "My friend from study abroad works at a fashion company and her snap story is a bunch of items that Madonna just returned to them that she wore for some event"

    I made him screen cap the snapchats for me, he was hesitant and embarrassed as he didn't want his friend to find out that he screencapped them, as you know snspchat lets you know that that happens.


    He only sent me that one, there's a few others

    But what does it mean? Did she use it or was it discarded?

  2. I don't like to be argumentative, and I know nothing. However, I think some people are expecting too much from BIM. It's a fun and catchy song, and Madonna has earned the right to be self-referential. Hell she's always been one to send herself up and has a great sense of humor. But other than a possible tour video, I doubt we see much of this song, certainly not a live performance or a single release. I don't see it as something she's that invested in; just a bit of fun to help balance a serious album. But again, I know nothing, just my thoughts. And as for the epic Unapologetic Bitch, that's in another league altogether.


  3. Listen up folks Madonna's a beautiful woman and for 56 she looks amazing! I mean... WOW!

    You people talking about Botox and fillers are just pathetic... when we are having pop stars as young as 20 to have that sort of treatments or seeing their bodies photoshopped to death! Madonna comes across more natural looking than most in showbiz. She works out, follows a strict diet, etc.... She deserves to look gorgeous and your comments come across rather silly in my opinion!

    I agree, I'm so over the fillers and botox talks. She's amazing and I love all wrinkles she has.

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