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  1. Anitta just said she can't meet Madonna soon because she has a schedule of shows in Brazil to do and that she's very sorry for not being able to be in two places at the same time. I think Madonna is just stirring the pot
  2. As much as I would like this, she explained in the Australian interview that Madame X lost an eyeball after being kidnapped and hidden in the Amazon Forest but managed to escape and became a cha cha instructor in Colombia.
  3. The 2020 calendar should be exclusively of Madame X on the streets candids.
  4. By doing more performances? As fast as they make their minds they forget about it if there's something else to talk about. But it doesn't seem like Madonna cares, so..
  5. Not Carnival that would horrible. The 'Carnival theme" is awfully wrong in so many ways. This song has nothing to do with Carnival and she would look very gringo and out of place. It would be VERY embarrasing. This song asks for a Brazilian party video. No Carnival near this for the love of God!
  6. Just relax. You do a fuss about anything. Not everything has to be answered right away when you want. Now you have your answer. The God Control video was set to next week because she didn't want to steal the spotlight from the I RIse video and her collaboration with Times. And we don't even know IF it was delayed. Maybe she wanted to start teasing earlier, just like she did wih Medellín and Crave.
  7. I'm talking about dress rehearsal. It looks like she's choosing what to wear with mae couture and I Rise and Future are lettered on her hat. I'm just saying if people start complaining on her profile that's where they could get it from. I'm actually helping you to get away with your source haha. I don't think is a good idea to complain to Madonna and I said that.
  8. That's what she's rehearsing for right now, so yes, fans can assume the looks (and the songs) are for Pride. I don't think your source will be burned for it.
  9. So who you think is gonna perform? You're expecting them to talk to her. It's the same thing.
  10. It's not like she's hiding it. She's posting the looks with the songs names on her stories.
  11. Complaining to Madonna is just worst. Like the grillz.
  12. And here was I thinking the whole reason for holding up to God Control was to release it on Pride I actually thought they had planning this time
  13. Would it be SO hard to do: Vogue God Control Hung Up I Rise Express Yourself Would it? Ughhhh Madonna whyyyyy
  14. If Quavo steps on the stage I truly hope both of them get booed.
  15. She was just polite. You can tell by the way she answered there's no chance of that happening.
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