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    Tour 2012

    Brazil here!! I'm expecting São Paulo and Rio as usual. There's a rumour about the Cidade do Rock being the venue in Rio. More than 100,000 people! It would be amazing!
  2. They said in a official statement that it will be late january. I remember that even before new year, it was schedule for january 23.
  3. Probably it will be a pic of the video set like 4 Minutes. Can't wait anymore!!
  4. It has begun!! Imagine if in the Golden Globes when she's entering to give the award to Angelina they play GAYL!
  5. I was counting as the later rumour date january 23. (16 days )
  6. Actually I would like "Way Back Home" as the album title. It refers to her beginning in a good vibe, not as "Shiny and New" that reminds me of one waxed pussy.
  7. Christina Aguilera is supposed to release a new single on january for her new album too. I don't think she is a competition to M, but the rumours are that is the same producer of Katy Perry and Rihanna so... american radios always look for an excuse to not play Madonna.
  8. I think strawberry blond it's a kind of blond. Google it. It's the type she's using.
  9. But then why cast a stunt for her? I'm thinking she's gonna do all the cheer coreo. They're gonna throw her up and she will jump a lot. Prepare your pompons
  10. I'm hoping: Give Me All Your Love Express Yourself Ray of Light Music Holiday But I think she's gonna do LAP or HU wich is nice but I'm kinda tired of.
  11. The last time she was in that show she announced Confessions Tour.
  12. Beautiful Stranger Sorry Express Yourself Cherish 4 Minutes (acoustic version)
  13. Differents actresses for differents eras. I think: AnnaLyne McCord (90210) Kate Winslet (After a decade of workout) Felicity Huffman (She's so good, but it's need a lot of makeup here)
  14. Oh My God! She has to wear this look in the next album! That she is using to publicize Material Girl and the photoshoot of Interview. Madonna go Rocks!
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