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  1. I agree that US universities are terribly overpriced. To ask for $150,000 a year for the best one in order to get the same education you can get for a tenth of that or less in top notch world class institutions in other parts of the world is laughable. That is what makes the US a country for rich people only, that and the ridiculous health system

    But just like for the industry and the lobbies behind the gun control issue (financing political campaigns etc) it is very unrealistic to think he'll be able to go from $150,000 a year to FREE tuition alltogether.

    I agree, but if no one at least starts trying, it will be impossible indeed.

  2. Bernie is all talk. Free tuition yeah good luck with that lol. He has the youth vote because of his "free tuition" goals which r totally unrealistic. He even got confused like an old man during the debate. Clinton has a record of accomplishing things.

    Go Hillary!

    This is something I'm curious. If a country like Brazil (smaller GPS than USA) can provide excellent public universties without tuition, why the USA couldn't?

    I always thought the difference was a cultural one. That North Americans strongly believe on "do it yourself", while Latin Americans and Europeans believe that the State should provide the basics.

    So why do you say the USA couldn't do that?

  3. 2016 : new movie.

    2017 : production of #14.

    2018 : #14 and new tour.


    2016: end of Rebel Heart Tour + vacations + Pre-production of "Adé: A Love Story"

    2017: filming + post-production + release of "Adé: A Love Story"

    2018: Promotion of "Adé: A Love Story" until the end of the awards season + production of M14

    2019: Release of M14 + M14 Tour

  4. The album version sounds like a demo. Underdeveloped.

    And yes the original demo leak is superior. I personally think they should have reworked it further, had blood diamonds or Diplo remix it. It could have been her greatest track ever. I mean it is one her best as it is but it could have been the next Ray of Light, Like a Prayer etc imo if developed more.

    One of the stand outs of the tour too. Its the story of her life in one song. I love it!


  5. Love Addicted. To me, it is Madonna doing "rock" music. Sort of reminds me of the style musically and vocally of Burning up which I always think of as a rougher type of pop song so more like rock. She can belt out a song just as well as any rock chick too when she feels like it.

    THIS! When I listen to it, these come to my mind:



    I could swear she would perform it on Rebel Heart Tour wearing this:


    Here for more Rockdonna on M14! :wow:

  6. Let's face it Adele is going to win all major awards. That's how the Shammies work these days. You have to adapt. If the GP thinks that just because something sells truckloads it's the best qualitywise then they have to award those singers. Furthermore, is Madonna even available for the show? If not, forget about it. That almost disqualifies her. Just because they have an Academy to decide who is the "best" doesn't mean any credibilty. Too many shady things happened over the years. And it all starts with the nomination process. There really is no fair process. Take the Echo as an alternative. That one is based on sales and they make no secret out of it. So everyone knows what they are in for. To have mominations is quite a ridiculous thing considering everyone with a little bit of knowldedge knows who is going to win except for the GP on the TV. Okay, sometimes there are nice surprises. When Madonna "stole" the Echo for Hit of the Year from Tokio Hotel the very last minute. :biggrin:

    Adele released everything AFTER de deadline. So her awards will come only in 2017. Next year is Taylor's.

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