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  1. Hey Nikki! I'm glad to hear that. Sorry for been rude with you, I'm very ashamed.

    The truth is this is a very closed forum. Almost any of the older members respect the youngers and thats frustrating.

    And I always like you, I feel we think much alike so it was sad to read your comment about my post. But now I get what you meant. Sorry again. And thank you for been so nice t...

  2. Thank you so much whyme!!

    You provided us really big excitement!

    And now you can say to your grandchildren you were responsible for a meltdown in the pop universe! LOL

  3. ; *

    1. Genevieve Vavance

      Genevieve Vavance

      Hey, you, I've added you as a friend :D xoxo

    2. Mat.Guy


      Thanks! I really like you muse! :)

  4. after pleasure comes pain

  5. From where are you? :)

    1. peter


      Oh, sorry I did not see this, Mat.Guy! I'm from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in the United States. And you?

  6. Hey! How are you doing?

  7. Pq não posso te mandar DM?

  8. Thanx! I believe is fake. I finded in the Madonna app! I'm addicted to it! The fans post really good pics. Some I never saw before.

  9. Why did you remove your pic? You're not here as you used to, is everything ok?

    1. Mensch


      Cause I wanted to change it. Lol

      News has been slow anyhow. I'm awaiting the DVD news! Or Secret project!

  10. Your new sig is PERFECTION! Luv x

    1. Mat.Guy


      Can you send me the link of th original video? Which city it is from?

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