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  1. This should be a poll! Ghosttown and Unapologetic Bitch.
  2. I would like to have this guy as my president And that was 1995
  3. I agree, but if no one at least starts trying, it will be impossible indeed.
  4. This is something I'm curious. If a country like Brazil (smaller GPS than USA) can provide excellent public universties without tuition, why the USA couldn't? I always thought the difference was a cultural one. That North Americans strongly believe on "do it yourself", while Latin Americans and Europeans believe that the State should provide the basics. So why do you say the USA couldn't do that?
  5. 2016: end of Rebel Heart Tour + vacations + Pre-production of "Adé: A Love Story" 2017: filming + post-production + release of "Adé: A Love Story" 2018: Promotion of "Adé: A Love Story" until the end of the awards season + production of M14 2019: Release of M14 + M14 Tour
  6. THIS! When I listen to it, these come to my mind: I could swear she would perform it on Rebel Heart Tour wearing this: Here for more Rockdonna on M14!
  7. Adele released everything AFTER de deadline. So her awards will come only in 2017. Next year is Taylor's.
  8. If true (cause I don't see a source), they are good choices. I like it.
  9. Pq não posso te mandar DM?

  10. But what about "You're a pretty girl, I'll give you that" ?
  11. Dirty Pop did a remix so I think it's close to the announcement.
  12. Jimmy on the release date would be amazing!
  13. Why do you post the same info in several threads? There is a reason why there are threads.
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