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  1. Well, maybe because you live in USA? Madame X is a world album. She's not just worried about the US
  2. Madonna confirmed that at the NY Times Magazine I guess. It's not about Trump, she said so. I never thought about Trump when listening to the song anyway. History is flooded by men owning everything and stopping and hurting women.
  3. That would be the best picture for the cover of the Crazy single
  4. It wasn't a hit in Brazil. Madonna's version is way more known.
  5. It doesn't have a cover because there was no need anymore. The first 5 songs released needed a cover to be added to Spotify while now all the songs are already released with the album cover. Since she doesn't have physical singles anymore why would they do a cover for? Or last hope it's if she releases remixes for it. Medellín remixes had their own cover posted on Spotify.
  6. Beyoncé has no hits and she keeps on making high-budget videos. Music videos are not just for hits anymore. They help to build the image of an artist and create this legend-like status. Furthermore, youtube pay the artists for the views. It's not groundbreaking money but it's money. The hundred millions views videos give them a good money, you can be sure.
  7. Why do you think hitting the charts is the only return of investment? Not in this day and age it is not!
  8. Anitta gave an interview last night saying she has no idea about a video. She said Madonna didn't contact her.
  9. I wonder if after every performance from now on it will be this shitfest. Count me off!
  10. I would love something like the cinematography of this video: It's the best Brazilian music video production I've seen in years!
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