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  1. I found this one too, but it seems it's based on the first rumour: https://www.radiox.co.uk/festivals/glastonbury/who-will-play-headline-glastonbury-2019/
  2. Oh Godonna, please be true.
  3. YES! Best hair of the entire Hard Candy era. Wish it would extend to the tour
  4. And Ray of Light! The amount of times I've heard "I love this song! Wait, this is a Madonna song?"...
  5. Very hard to predict anything without hearing the new album first
  6. Mat.Guy

    Loca Please World Tour 2019 discussion

    I remember they had a source in the dance crew of MDNA and RHT! Everything they said about them was true..
  7. It was the EYES! Like 2 big gemstones shining from meters away. Unbelievable for me. It was indeed a spiritual experience. I couldn't stop myself thinking: "this is the woman who made the Express Yourself video" "this is the woman who did the Blond Ambition Tour" "and she's right here in front of me" I can't believe my luck of living in the same age as her AND getting to see her with my own eyes.
  8. Amazing! Thank you for this. And I agree, she needs to round up all the best collaborators she's had!
  9. Mat.Guy

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

  10. Mat.Guy

    Loca Please World Tour 2019 discussion

    Aside from the NEW material, I'm excited for new re-inventions of Express Yourself, Ray of Light, Sorry, American Life and 4 Minutes. And obviously, Candy Shop (hopefully an interlude this time )
  11. Mat.Guy

    Loca Please World Tour 2019 discussion

    I got this feeling too. Which is very sad indeed. My favorite performances are the calculated, choreographed-to-the-tee performances.
  12. Mat.Guy

    My one complaint about the RH tour

    Not true at all! It's a misconception in the fanbase. Superstar was NOT a single in Brazil. It wasn't sent to radios, it wasn't on sale. Johnny Walker was the sponsor of the Brazilian shows and they wanted to make a promotional campaign to, of course, sell tickets and promote their brand. And that was it. They created a contest to make an art cover for one Madonna song. M's team chose Superstar Godonna knows why. And that's it. After that, a newspaper along side Johnny Walker made physical copies for their subscribers. It was NOT a single. Nobody in Brazil knows about this song, much less a radio hit.