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  1. Mat.Guy

    New Album Means New Tour

    Aside from the NEW material, I'm excited for new re-inventions of Express Yourself, Ray of Light, Sorry, American Life and 4 Minutes. And obviously, Candy Shop (hopefully an interlude this time )
  2. Mat.Guy

    New Album Means New Tour

    I got this feeling too. Which is very sad indeed. My favorite performances are the calculated, choreographed-to-the-tee performances.
  3. Mat.Guy

    My one complaint about the RH tour

    Not true at all! It's a misconception in the fanbase. Superstar was NOT a single in Brazil. It wasn't sent to radios, it wasn't on sale. Johnny Walker was the sponsor of the Brazilian shows and they wanted to make a promotional campaign to, of course, sell tickets and promote their brand. And that was it. They created a contest to make an art cover for one Madonna song. M's team chose Superstar Godonna knows why. And that's it. After that, a newspaper along side Johnny Walker made physical copies for their subscribers. It was NOT a single. Nobody in Brazil knows about this song, much less a radio hit.
  4. Mat.Guy

    Say goodbye to the Rebel Heart Tour

    I'll never say goodbye to my hero!!!
  5. Did you watch it? He said they do the laundry themselves.
  6. This should be a poll! Ghosttown and Unapologetic Bitch.
  7. Mat.Guy

    Hong Kong February 17

    This pink Take a Bow outfit is GLORIOUS!!!!! It almost makes me wish she cuts the medley for the DVD
  8. I DO like it! BUT the question refers to what SHE wouldn't perform and I don't think she would perform it!
  9. It's one of them yes!!! "Don't just stand there Don't - Don't - Don't just stand there" *Standing there* :dead: Cracks me up everytime!
  10. That remind me of when her platform on Vogue during The MDNA Tour would not come down. Standingtheredonna