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  1. I remember there's something strange when Poker Face was No.1 on BB 1. Right round from Flow Rida disappeared from ITunes one day which made PF No.1 on iTunes chart. 2. She went to performe the song on American Idol at that week. 3. I think her team took the last chance to push the song to the top, before the black eye peas released Boom Boom Pow in the following week. 4. Poker Face spent only one week At no.1.
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    Didn't expect she's back with this huge
  3. Adele thread

    25 İs the album title?
  4. RHT's Unapologetic Bitches

    Yves was hot and funny
  5. OMG InsidebOut would be amazing performance :-)
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    Oops !!Quebec City She's lovely
  7. Madonna in QUEBEC CITY

    Thanks for sharing your videos ...they're all great :-)