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  1. I remember there's something strange when Poker Face was No.1 on BB 1. Right round from Flow Rida disappeared from ITunes one day which made PF No.1 on iTunes chart. 2. She went to performe the song on American Idol at that week. 3. I think her team took the last chance to push the song to the top, before the black eye peas released Boom Boom Pow in the following week. 4. Poker Face spent only one week At no.1.
  2. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Devil Pray VS Devil wouldn't recognize You.
  3. He said good things about here, he's a fan BLOODPOP: Madonna is one of my favorite artists of all time. She’s the queen of pop. So I was stoked to work on it. And DJ Dahi, one of my best friends in recent years, had called me up for that because he thought I would be a good fit for that project. What was supposed to be three days ended up being six weeks in total. We were in New York. It almost felt like summer camp because Dahi and I, we’d walk 15 minutes to the studio every morning and 15 minutes back every night. Madonna is so fucking tight because she is just so involved in every small thing. I didn’t realize that at the time, because that was like my first big pop production. I had no idea what the protocol was or what usually goes down but, you know there are 18-year-olds who are massive and they don’t even come to the studio to meet the writers or the producer or engineer. They just get handed a phone by the label and the management are like, “Cut this record, it’s a hit.” And they’re like: “OK, fuck it.” But Madonna, she’s at the studio every day, right on time. And she’d sit on a drum stool two feet away from me and we’d go through clap sounds and we’d go through bass drums and bass sounds and all this shit and to this day, I’ve never worked with an artist who takes the time. STEREOGUM: You were involved with “Iconic,” the song on Rebel Heart that features Mike Tyson and Chance. How was recording that? BLOODPOP: We were getting a sample of something iconic, like an iconic speech. And then everyone decided that we should get a living person to recite a monologue. I kind of half-jokingly suggested Mike Tyson and everyone was like: “Fucking done. Let’s get him to come in tomorrow.” Outside of the critical world and album sales I feel like Madonna deserves more credit for making her own fucking record. Even like the art direction, it’s her. On the other hand, you have brand new artists with a team of thinkers behind them who have no artistic inclination for their own project. http://www.stereogum.com/1845164/qa-bloodpop-fka-blood-diamonds-on-the-indiepop-divide-working-with-grimes-justin-bieber-madonna/franchises/interview/
  4. Pop Princess Song vs. Song

    How Will I Know VS Cheap Thrills.
  5. Nothing Fails Forbidden Love Miles Away
  6. I'm so happy to hear this Rebel heart is the best pop album of 2015
  7. Great job! MADONNA is the queen of the music videos
  8. I loved everything about CoadF I had so many good memories at that time I remembered a friend of my roommate asked me who sing the song while Sorry being played
  9. Song of the Week 11/8/15 : NOTHING FAILS

    Beautiful song and it's the best track of AL!
  10. I like Adele and love Ray Of Light
  11. Adele thread

    Didn't expect she's back with this huge