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  1. This was probably posted before, but I thought it was funny and hadn't seen it yet:
  2. Again, who says we aren't getting the video today? Her regular time of debuting a video online is still two hours from now! Be freakin patient!
  3. For fucks sake people, the last two videos both premiered at the same time. Which is still 3 hours away from the time of this post, so it's still very much possible that the video will be dropped today! So calm down, take a chill pill and wait!!!
  4. Hey peeps, thanks for all the love concerning my drawing! Here's a little story behind it. Some VERY kind and generous individual found out what the cover was going to be and decided to contact M 's team to see if they couldn't be persuaded to use my illustration instead. I changed the haircolor to pink from my version that I posted a while ago and sent it to them and he forwarded it for me. I then got back confirmation that the decision to use aldo's artwork had already been made and it was simply too late (youtube videos and iTunes links had already been placed and where ready to go). Just bad timing, but she did post it anyway, the updated pink-haired version. Which is of course a complete thrill! Even Moschino posted it on their official instagram account, and the love and appreciation on M's insta and fb page have been overwhelming. Who knows, maybe I will get my moment to shine!
  5. Aya and Bambi are also part of the video. The styling of this thing will be INSANE! LOVING IT! This is Jonas and B at their best, completely bonkers and crazy and fun fun fun
  6. Jonas also made this in terms of party videos of course, which I still think is an awesome video, especially near the ending, with the sped up editing and fucked up imagery:
  7. Thanks so much for the kind words guys! This performance just gives me life! I had to do something with it. I tagged her and her entire team in it on my instagram! Like and comment on it if you'd like! My username there is also robster16. Would be Awesome if she indeed got to see this piece
  8. Someone who attended the taping who I know just posted this on fb: Just left the taping of Madonna at Jimmy Fallon. All I can say is JUST YOU WAIT! 2 songs including an oldie but goodie, interview and a very special "performance piece"
  9. Jimmy Fallon says her performance will be one of the biggest they have ever had on the show so far. So I'm thinking it might be something different then Ghosttown he's reffering to (not that that won't be performed anyway, I'm sure she'll do that as well), because the Ghosttown performance is basically her just standing and emoting the song, which is all the song basically needs. And it's not even a Diplo production, so I'm sure Bitch I'm Madonna or some Diplo song will be incorporated into the show in some kind of way. Either as a performance or a skit, including Diplo, who is actually there in the studio!
  10. Diplo wouldn't be there for Ghosttown, so I'm also thinking a skit of Bitch I'm Madonna featuring him, Madonna and Fallon! And then later a performance of Ghosttown by M in the studio. I do hope she also plays a game, like the lipsync battle or something else.
  11. So Nicki can't be at Fallon, because she's doing a tour in the UK at the moment! So if she does perform BIM she'll do a version without Nicki....
  12. Diplo on the set of Fallon, posted less then an hour ago. Must be for rehearsals. Anyone know the where abouts of Nicki? If she does this on Fallon with Diplo and Nicki on set with dancers and dressed the same way as in that pic she deleted from Istagram a few days ago (the teal dress with Vogue video silkscreens of her face, the queen necklace and hot pink gloves), this performance will be fire!!!!
  13. Diplo just posted a pic on snapchat of him on the Jimmy Fallon set wearing a black suit with golden dollar signs on it!
  14. Jimmy stated that she'll perform BIM and that the performance is the biggest they've had so far!
  15. I truelly welcome back the return of a music video that actually looks like it cost some money and effort and thought. Allthough she has had pretty videos and fun videos (GMAYL had a big budget as well), this is definately a return and nod to the classic Madonna music video era. Thought provoking, beautifully shot and styled and a great attention to detail! I hope she keeps releasing cool videos for future singles! I am hoping for an Unapologetic Bitch summer single release.... followed by Hold Tight
  16. I personally think it might have been a bit more touching had there been a connection between her and the male counterpart which had been revealed at the climax of the song. Like flashbacks to a previous life before the bomb or whatever, reconnecting souls etc. Now it feels rather... random... for them to start dancing out of nowhere. Beautiful imagery, art direction and visually stunning, but storywise it could have been a tad bit sharper!
  17. and the stream is over... page doesn't exist anymore... so much for meerkat!
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