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  1. Here is Patrick Leonard talking about the creation of the song "Live To Tell" in a dutch tv interview
  2. I remember scowering the downloading websites like napster and kazaa for snippets and clips of new music. And being the first one to find a clip that actually turned out to be an instrumental loop of the opening to Die Another Day which was posted on those sites as a decoy by the record label. I remember downloading countless clips and thinking this is fake, but when I heard those opening notes and the stuttering clapping sound I just KNEW it had to be a Mirwais production and couldn't be fake!
  3. Go to the 5:30 mark of this interview which was for a dutch tv-show (as you probably know, being dutch yourself) from 2015:
  4. To paraphrase Madonna from the Ultra Sound special, with regards to the process of how Skin was recorded: Kurt Loder: "Do you arrive in the studio with all the stuff just done; These are the chord progressions, this is the melody, and then they just build the effects in or...?" Madonna: "This song we've definately been writing it as we've been going along. We kind of saved it for last because it was kind of rough. And it's been kind of.. I have an idea, then they have an idea, they put stuff on the track, that inspires me, I lay a rough vocal down, that inspires them. Today actually we really start getting into the real vocal arrangement." So the vocal engineer is in fact there for the final vocal recording, no idea if he's also there for the rough vocal recording...
  5. In the MTV Ultrasound special where M is seen in the final stages of recording songs for Ray Of Light you can see rare glimpses of her in the studio. In that special she at one point says "where's pat, where's my engineer", reffering to Patrick McCarthy who is credited on the ROL album as engineer. In that special she is seen laying down the final vocal for "Skin" Not sure if that is in any way helpfull, I could imagine a vocal engineer being present during ALL recordings, wether it be in the demo phase or final vocal recording. We know from the Rebel Heart demo's that for that album a lot of vocals from the demo's were directly used in the final versions...
  6. Starrah is a songwriter, not a producer!!!
  7. Just take in all the little morsels of information that she gives us or that will become available over the next couple of weeks and months, but take it for what it is. At the end of the day she'll make the music she wants to make right now. Take it or leave it. We aren't going to influence her into working with past favorites or current hopefulls. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Whatever comes our way will come our way. If she's feeling inspired and has a story to tell, then we'll be all good! To me that's the most important thing, that she has fun in the studio and does things out of passion! She's Madonna, and she has a tale to tell! Now more then ever!!!
  8. Madonna seems to be recording at the Perfect (Green) Suite at Sarm West Studios. Check the pictures on the website and her latest instagram story today for further proof. "The Perfect (Green) Suite is the ideal writing & production studio for those wanting a relaxed space to get creative." http://sarmmusicvillage.com/studios/perfect-suite/
  9. I hope she demands people come to her into the studio so they won't have to send stuff back and forth like with RH, where they even lost some recordings because Diplo was all over the place and he did stuff but then they couldn't recreate it because he had fiddled on the music somewhere else etc. This has to happen on her terms, inside the studio, small group, closed environment!!! There's also a sense of romanticism in there, going back to having her talk of recording stuff with Stuart Price in his tiny london appartment at times. Back to basics!!!
  10. Any idea of possible producers located in London?! We don't think Stuart Price is in any way connected to this right?!
  11. I'm sooooo curious to find out what direction she's going in musically. Advantage of having her doing recording sessions in London is that the local press there will be all over her and might snap pics of possible collaborators going in and out the studio for the next couple of days!!!
  12. Yeah, but she could have been writing stuff or asking people and possible collaborators to send her demo's of music, to get a soundscape going... At this point we have no idea which part of the process she's in. Other then that she's actually focusing on music now! Which is good news!
  13. Where in the world is she right now? Time to start collecting clue's. I wonder if she's writing, demo-ing, actually recording already after having done all of that... LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!
  14. New video on Instagram! She looks GORGEOUS and it's really funny!!!
  15. Madonna at MET Gala 2017 *SLAYING*

    Reporter: "Madonna, is there something political about your dress?" Madonna: "There's always something political about my stuff, I leave it to you to pick it up!"