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  1. Well, in his last interview with her asked her what it was like to be a middle aged woman.... he always seems intent on offending the people he’s interviewing! And he does this with everyone. He gets on everyone’s nerves. And on mine which is why I never watch his shows. It’s okay to ask hard hitting questions and be critical, but he always comes across as some shady, bitter, backhanded evil queen. Must be a personality thing!
  2. He's not only extremely incompetent as a writer, but also has a tendency to talk out of his ass. In an earlier review he calls "American Life" ultimately stupid, and in his Madame X review he refers to the same album as underrated! He clearly needs to get his hatred straight! Luckily he'lll quickly fade back into oblivion, where as Madame X will soon be announced #1 in the charts and continue to snag headlines for many years to come!
  3. Thanks everyone. My main objection with the review is how Pitchfork can ask someone who is so blatantly transparent in his hatred towards her as a person to write a review about her album! If it was done with full knowledge of this guy's background, then Pitchfork should be called out for their clickbait type of reviews and not be taken into account or taken seriously on a larger scale... not just in regards to this Madonna review. It shows intent and a malicious attitude.
  4. my email to Pitchfork: Dear Pitchfork, My name is Rob Jacobs, and I live and work in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I consider myself to be a reasonable person, but for some reason the review of Madonna's Madame X album by Rich Juzwiak really makes me wonder what the objective in this move was exactly. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion and had he not liked the album or music that would have been fine, no water under the bridge. However, when you as Pitchfork ask a well known Madonna hater (who has been banned from countless websites and forums for his continued Madonna trolling) to write a review about her latest offering, how do you expect to get an even somewhat objective take on said album. A quick google search combining his name with Madonna offers a long list of Madonna hate pieces all over several social media platforms such as twitter, instagram, and previous "reviews" of her work. The review is overflowing with what seems like a personal vendetta the writer has against Madonna herself, discussing various topics like her age, cultural appropriation, his undying love for Mariah Carey (whom he manages to mention in practically everything he writes) and various other things that obviously irk him, but he rarely discusses the music itself. I'm VERY curious to know what you make of this review and how you think this affects your credibility as a publication when having albums reviewed by self professed haters of the respective artists!? Kind regards, Rob
  5. According to a friend on fb: Madonna offered several interviews today in London, and apparently confirms that "God Control" and "Batuka" already have their recorded videos, also mentioned that they will perform a clip of "I Rise" on the beach.
  6. We already knew this but now she apparently confirmed it in today's interviews: Madonna offered several interviews today in London, and apparently confirms that "God Control" and "Batuka" already have their recorded videos, also mentioned that they will perform a clip of "I Rise" on the beach.
  7. It is NOW released officially in the first teritory in the world!!!
  8. I'm soooo excited for the reactions from fans and general listeners!
  9. There should be an opportunity where people can rate a review, if the review was helpfull in any way. Some of these "reviews" are just lazy, phoned in, stereotypical, stupid write-up's. They should not have any influence on any metacritic scores. Which brings me back to the point that reviews shouldn't matter as a whole, because it's ALL SUBJECTIVE! Music is an objective experience! Listen to the music and make up your own damn mind! Why does everyone in the world always care so much what the rest thinks?!?
  10. Killers is one of my fav tracks on the album! THE track on the album that cements the Lisbon and Portuguese influences in the most amazing soundscape and production! The lyrics are abrasive but for a very specific reason! Irony is her brand!
  11. Funana then HAS to be that track that was playing in that insta video where she asked Mercy what she thought of the music. It has to be, and it sounded awesome in that clip with an accordion.
  12. Awesome! @danorbit, thanks so much. I'll edit the original post in a bit!
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