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  1. Every friend I've shared it with is in love. Just can't wait for the tour. Prague and Berlin, here I come <3
  2. This clip is absofuckinglutely great. She looks absofuckinglutely sexy. Brilliance itself. Period.
  3. Beautiful Killer Gang Bang Best Friend
  4. Absofuckinglutely great!!!!
  5. I don't wonder GMAYL is not doing too well as this is a really weak song. When I've heard the demo for the first time I thought it was a joke. And although I've taken to GMAYL I'm waiting for the next singles.
  6. GGW by far. Anyway, how do we know that one of these two will be a second single?
  7. News-of-Madonna.com asked Marc Andrews about a new Madonna album after his tweet. He said he'd heard they're gathering producers, who would decide on the direction her next album should take.
  8. I'd take this with a pinch of salt. We'd already had DG and A-Trak rumours and it turned out baloney. W.E. is in the making and she's no finger-in-many-pies type.
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