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  1. Just followed you mensch, are you at stonewall?? Im @parritaduarte
  2. She NEEDS to extend the tour to South America!!!! There have been rumours about May
  3. I assume these are from that cut, I wouldn't mind seeing the whole thing, but yes, if the quality is like this it would be very difficult
  4. It's so sad Truth Or Dare and the Blond Ambition haven't been treated properly so far but I think we should focus on this fact! The first cut is out there? It's the first time I've ever heard of these Times Square copies!! We should concentrate on getting someone who bought one of those copies to come out and upload them!! Did you knew about this, Jamesy?
  5. That's impressive!! I never knew they were planning to extend Virgin Tour to Australia!! Do you have any more info on failed negotiations for other markets for the tours?? I knew she was on the talks for bringing Confessions Tour to Brazil but they couldn't finish the deal. Amazing info Matt!
  6. I tried to avoid spoilers both in SS2008 and MDNA. It was extra hard considering South America was both times the last leg and Buenos Aires and Cordoba were of the few last concerts. But I made it. I mean, I wanted to avoid everything but you end up knowing a few things. In both ocassions I knew the songs but didn't know the order, for example when Like A Prayer started in SS I couldn't figure what song it was and when she started with the first verse it MELTED MY BRAIN. I remember back in 08 madonnalicious had a spoiler free version of their web so it was great, you got to hear all of the non tour related news. In 2012 madonnatribe started with a non spoiler version too but once she moved the tour out of Europe they scrapped it (the website is italian). I can honestly tell that getting to your show and not having seen nor a video nor an audio is MIND FUCKING BLOWING. It's the highest natural drug I've felt and probably the biggest fix I can get as a fan, the Madonna thing I enjoy the most. It requires a strong force of will for a fan but it's manageable and it's totally worth it. If and when she confirms South America for February as rumors say I will try and do this again, this time for the longest time of the three. I can't wait to not spoil myself!
  7. So I shouldn't reply to your needless shady aggression? You're right, I am Speedy Gonzalez and you are Walt Whitman. Jerk off on it.
  8. Well... I still think you came across as rude. I wasn't talking out of my ass even if it looked like it but you certainly were rude. So mind your manners. Bye
  9. Well that certainly is classy mocking on someone's non-native language skills. Thank you anyway my dear
  10. Stop talking out of my ass? First and most important IMHO: Fuck off please and thank you. second: I didn't mean she was saying bullshit. I am saying the capture is bullshit. Third: she said when the confessions tour was in the works that she wanted intimate shows, which means small venues, it doesn't need to be literal, you know? Fourth: stop talking out of YOUR ass to me.
  11. Sorry my english is rusty. That is what I meant. she did a show that was supposed to be meant for arenas only in an outdoor huge crowd dstadium-like. TThat's why I think the arenas excuse is bullshit
  12. Well if the comment is not fake then the arenas excuse is bullshit. She played reinvention which was a tiny show in the Slane Castle. And I cant remember any examples but Im sure she took Confessions to one or two Stadiums too
  13. Where did she say this? Can't find it on her instagram
  14. According to the article she's still closing with other south american countries and analyzing closing the tour in Brazil. Previously there was a rumor that said the dates for S.A. would come out in May but here it says the month they announce the leg should be July. So more anxiety but more rumors that she will come are always welcome.
  15. Maybe it's because they were still closing the deal. Who knows. It might be bullshit but I already heard this from several different sources.
  16. E! Online Brazil reported Rio and some other news site said there were talks about Fortaleza or somewhere else in the north plus Sao Paulo. Hopefully Buenos Aires starts being discussed soon but I'm pretty sure that if she does Brazil she also is likely to do Buenos Aires, maybe Cordoba too? According to the news piece Brazil is supposed to be announced in May and tickets on sale in June
  17. are you the one she answered like "IF YOU PUT IT LIKE THAT A GIRL CAN'T REFUSE"?
  19. Sounds reasonable. But it would be much less nerve wrecking for us if they said "Asia, Australia AND Latin America" Hunterlas is right though, we all heard her say she's directing a movie in the Fall. My bets are on January still not giving up hope
  20. OMG we need to question that birdie under GESTAPO light!!! Why May?? One would think march!! Anything else you could say on this rumor?
  21. She will!! I think madonnaonline is a kind of reliable source and she won't want to miss south american market we got to stay positive
  22. She could do brazil argentina and one or two more south american countries in three weeks. That leaves all February for Australia
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