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  1. That's what we did!! And we did google each one of them but it's hard to tell from pictures and descriptions, plus, you know, everybody's after new releases of rock records and things like that and we're all about those cheap second hand cd singles from nineties bands or so, I thought maybe someone who lives there might point us in the right direction :)
  2. Thank you guys!!! Very good stores for what I'm checking online!! Keep em coming!!
  3. Hey guys!!! My bf will be in NYC in a few weeks and we are avid cd collectors! 12" records also but mostly maxis and fempop. Could anyone tell me good places for digging used cds in NYC? Thanks!!
  4. unruhe


    Another Enya stan here!! Even when I love her too I still think her best albums are her first four (Celts, Watermark, Shepherd Moons and Memory Of Trees) after that she's just repeated it all over again. When I clicked on the link for the Oscars May It Be performance I remembered this masterpiece too I had forgotten:
  5. Loving the Mike Rizzo Private Pass!!
  6. The person might have been lying. It wouldn't have been a first time on chile forum *giggle*
  7. Here's a link to the Baron article from march 2003, a couple of months prior to R&R announcement https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.fan.madonna/Tdex7sSpUEw
  8. I had a Word document list back in 2002 where I used to gather all the information about unreleased Madonna songs I colud get my hands on and I remember that when I read the article of Bruce Baron who had got access to hearing the demos stored in the Library of Congress he mentioned a track called HONESTY produced by Dave Hall for the Bedtime Stories sessions. I guess it would be safe to say it's the same one that came to be R&R's Your Honesty. I actually remember making the connection when they announced the name of the unreleased track from BS that was to be included.
  9. We all assume they have GOT to find the source of the leaks but I'm not so sure they actually CAN. I mean, take a look at the 2011 GAYL leak... they arrested only one person, Jorge, who happens to be someone who every Madonna Forum visitor knew about and suspected for he kept bragging and bragging about how he leaked material for the general public and the unreleased stuff he had. Then they had to let him go!... what does that tells us? He had NOTHING to do with the leaks cause if he had they would have kept him in jail. So the investigation did keep going, who else did they catch? NOBODY! So I'm thinking whoever GOT HOLD of the demos (not the one who leaked them, cause the crime they need investigate is not who leaked the tracks, that was going to happen eventually if the material was doing the rounds but they need to pursue whoever gained/had access to the demos and STOLE them) is very smart and knows how to cover his tracks, as whoever stole GAYL in 2011 did. What if he's untraceable? I don't know, makes me wonder the fact the previous investigation came to nowhere. Another thing that sounds suspicious is that they are aware that a lot of unreleased Madonna stuff is doing the rounds in the hands of these greedy collectors who are making illegal money out of it (someone here mentioned U$S20K for Warning Signs! What the actual fuck...?!) but they never did a thing to dismantle that black market! That is absolutely outrageous to us fans, why is it ok that an mp3 is being sold for 20000 dollars? How is that theft any different from the one of this upcoming record? Because it IS theft when it's something registered in her name and never released to the public is sold illegaly. And Madonna's management is not doing a thing to uncover that network of traders as well as they aren't making the tracks available officially either for us fans, so they lose this value as well. Maybe they actually have been secretly inquiring about this network and they haven't been able to trace the source, in which case leads me to my first point and probably this will end up in nothing like 2011. I don't feel pity for Madonna economically, cause the album and the tour will sell anyway, but I do feel pity for her as an artist who has the right to decide at what point her work is in condition to be released to the audience. And that thought makes me want to believe Guy Oseary when he says they're looking into this and they will be finding the source. But guys, let's not mix things up: if these demos have been available to collectors for months now (some say since May (!)) then the leak is just a consequence, the real crime is he who stole the demos, if they hadn't leaked the collectors would still be making illegal profit from them as of today and the material would still have been stolen, I want to think it is NOT OK for Madonna's camp that the unreleased stuff is being sold in black markets.
  10. unruhe


    It's started as my favorite of the bunch of six. It's quickly crawling into my top ten Madonna songs ever.
  11. unruhe


    It's my absolute favorite of the bunch of six. It's absolutely classy and dark like a perfectly elegant horror movie.
  12. Illuminati is LIFE. One of her best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine a video for it? CAN YOU IMAGINE IT LIVE??
  13. Yay!! Saw the leak on fb and came here looking exactly for this gay meltdown. I LOVE IT AND I WANT IT IN FULL NOW!
  14. damn it!! I missed them!! did anyone manage to download them as mp3?