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  1. That's what we did!! And we did google each one of them but it's hard to tell from pictures and descriptions, plus, you know, everybody's after new releases of rock records and things like that and we're all about those cheap second hand cd singles from nineties bands or so, I thought maybe someone who lives there might point us in the right direction :)
  2. Thank you guys!!! Very good stores for what I'm checking online!! Keep em coming!!
  3. Hey guys!!! My bf will be in NYC in a few weeks and we are avid cd collectors! 12" records also but mostly maxis and fempop. Could anyone tell me good places for digging used cds in NYC? Thanks!!
  4. unruhe

    Performance vs Performance

    Like A Virgin/Love Spent (MDNA) vs In This Life (GST)
  5. She NEEDS to extend the tour to South America!!!! There have been rumours about May
  6. unruhe


    Another Enya stan here!! Even when I love her too I still think her best albums are her first four (Celts, Watermark, Shepherd Moons and Memory Of Trees) after that she's just repeated it all over again. When I clicked on the link for the Oscars May It Be performance I remembered this masterpiece too I had forgotten:
  7. That's impressive!! I never knew they were planning to extend Virgin Tour to Australia!! Do you have any more info on failed negotiations for other markets for the tours?? I knew she was on the talks for bringing Confessions Tour to Brazil but they couldn't finish the deal. Amazing info Matt!
  8. I tried to avoid spoilers both in SS2008 and MDNA. It was extra hard considering South America was both times the last leg and Buenos Aires and Cordoba were of the few last concerts. But I made it. I mean, I wanted to avoid everything but you end up knowing a few things. In both ocassions I knew the songs but didn't know the order, for example when Like A Prayer started in SS I couldn't figure what song it was and when she started with the first verse it MELTED MY BRAIN. I remember back in 08 madonnalicious had a spoiler free version of their web so it was great, you got to hear all of the non tour related news. In 2012 madonnatribe started with a non spoiler version too but once she moved the tour out of Europe they scrapped it (the website is italian). I can honestly tell that getting to your show and not having seen nor a video nor an audio is MIND FUCKING BLOWING. It's the highest natural drug I've felt and probably the biggest fix I can get as a fan, the Madonna thing I enjoy the most. It requires a strong force of will for a fan but it's manageable and it's totally worth it. If and when she confirms South America for February as rumors say I will try and do this again, this time for the longest time of the three. I can't wait to not spoil myself!
  9. She will!! I think madonnaonline is a kind of reliable source and she won't want to miss south american market we got to stay positive
  10. She could do brazil argentina and one or two more south american countries in three weeks. That leaves all February for Australia
  11. This would be exactly the confirmation that i need. For the last two tours she announced the latin dates later in the schedule. All I need to read today is "and also coming soon the dates for South America and Australia for early 2016!"
  12. Loving the Mike Rizzo Private Pass!!
  13. The person might have been lying. It wouldn't have been a first time on chile forum *giggle*
  14. Here's a link to the Baron article from march 2003, a couple of months prior to R&R announcement https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/alt.fan.madonna/Tdex7sSpUEw
  15. I had a Word document list back in 2002 where I used to gather all the information about unreleased Madonna songs I colud get my hands on and I remember that when I read the article of Bruce Baron who had got access to hearing the demos stored in the Library of Congress he mentioned a track called HONESTY produced by Dave Hall for the Bedtime Stories sessions. I guess it would be safe to say it's the same one that came to be R&R's Your Honesty. I actually remember making the connection when they announced the name of the unreleased track from BS that was to be included.