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  1. The ice cream place near my job giving away free ice cream to anyone who walks in . Free pints.
  2. in a restaurant in NYC. i was surprised to hear it considering its not officially released yet. they usually play pretty shit music, so it was even more of a shocker i also heard ghosttown at a radioshack at PABT.
  3. last night my job played living for love, and ghost town!! i was surprised to hear living for love, and just shocked to hear ghost town!! As expected, i was very happy. this job also plays gimmie all your love daily too,lol, and no other madonna besides ray of light sometimes
  4. do you think holy water will be a dance/faster song, or more ballad like? I would love to know more about this rumored song i'd love if most of these aren't even songs and she's just fucking with us
  5. tell me about it, in america we have the ID channel, dedicated to killers! right now a show called 'evil kin' is on, and after that 'deadly women' haha its awful
  6. disguting, i hope he goes back to heroin and od's whats next for wow, following around a priest who served time for fucking a little boy? shameful
  7. yea im happy, i don't listen to radio so i'm not familiar with his work at all. So he's 'new' to me, not that it matters, as long as the music is good
  8. oh, and idc who she works with, never been let down before, doubt i will this time
  9. so now that nuetrocks and his essays are banned, we're now blessed with unseenhands essays instead
  10. i'm soo excited im gunna need some xanax and beer to sleep tonight!!!
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FVzqA4ibCY full version!! never mind looped version sorry all if i got anyone excited for nothing, i guess i'm just too excited myself. someone on facebook said to me that it was the full version, and i posted it here before i heard the whole thing
  12. omg!!! i almost fainted when i heard this!!! This is my fav. snippet so far based on the snippets, its going to be my fav. album since erotica, holy shit!!!
  13. what a mess. i dont really care tbh. I'd be pissed if he was going to leak the whole song, and didn't, but its just a minute clip.
  14. its a lovely sounding song. this album just might be my favorite of hers since erotica
  15. 5 stars all the way! I loved the demo version when it leaked, i love the official version even more, and the video is her best since orig. american life video! Perfection!!!
  16. i love the album title. so much better than hard candy! makes me excited to hear the album
  17. i think it's sad she's using 2 guests for her FIRST single. I do like mia, but i really can't stand minaj. Her voice annoys the hell outta me. Everyone is saying this is hard candy part 2, i disagree. Hopefully there is just one song that features 'guests' on it. Those who don' t like guests on her songs(such as myself) can skip that one song. It still is sad she is resorting to having rentarappers on her albums tho
  18. yea, no one, esp. teens, are interested with her working with people like timberlake and minaj. most of her fans aren't interested either. who is she catering to exactly? u.s. radio? i hope this is all a cruel joke
  19. 2 vocal guests? nicki minaj??? IF this is real, i hope it's just for the superbowl and not on the album
  20. a movie section on a tour would be great, she could finally dust off 'who's that girl'. and yea, people who talk about her age if she did that on superbowl, which why its a bad idea i think. let her just be fab!
  21. the last thing she needs to do is remind people of her past movies
  22. great promotion for a new single, but i won't hold my breath. I heard this rumor a few times already. But i would rather her do the superbowl instead of the grammys
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