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  1. Ever since I noticed the throat clearing sound at 3:00, I have felt very disturbed when I hear this song. It's all I can think about when I listen to it. I do still like the song very much though.
  2. it would have been more than just top 10 if the lead single was i'm addicted.
  3. unfortunately, she's probably not going to get nominated
  4. Batuka is incredible. Is this the first time anyone here has heard a world album?
  5. of all time by any artist. it's odd, there's like 800+ plus reviews, so like i don't think it's us forumers propping up the score right lol?
  6. God Control Batuka Crave I Don't Search I Find Faz Gostoso
  7. can someone update me on how the songs leaked online?
  8. just wondering though, there are 4 reviews, 3 with 80 and 1 with 60, so then how do they get an average score of 81?
  9. if it's a greatest hits, does it mean it will be released by warner bros? cause they hold the rights to most of her catalog, and i think madonna holds the rights to the records that were distributed under interscope.
  10. maybe the alleged new record is actually a greatest hits album with some new tracks. she has a greatest hits album every ten years or so anyway and it's around that time since celebration.
  11. what? also i think you mean june 2020 and not 20th june, like a week after madame x
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