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  1. bitch i'm madonna devil pray holy water best night ghosttown
  2. is there a rip of the whole madonna segment? i cant find it anywhere, and i can no longer go back to that portion from the live stream.
  3. I have to ask, what exactly is Holy Water about? Is it about lesbian sex? Or is she telling the other girls to fuck off because she's seducing a guy? To me, it seems like she is a prostitute trainer, telling them to get off the pole until she teaches them everything they need to know about lesbian sex. And that's why the Vogue part is there, to tell the girls to try lesbian sex.
  4. why is the frame transition so weird when she sings devil pray and ghosttown. they have to keep fading to black or turn it black and white. it annoys me so much. is that an italian tv thing?
  5. did we even get this much promo for coadf and rol?
  6. they should add the big fall choreography to all of her LFL performances she's fucking ironwoman.
  7. the choreography was even better than the grammy's performance, and even though her singing wasn't as good, she still fucking killed it!
  8. 8pm in uk is like 4am over at my side in singapore... i don't think i can wake up for this slayage.
  9. well, you already bolded "soundscan charts are not affeted", so no it will not affect rh's first week sales. it's just an itunes thing.
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