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  1. Sorry if this has already been posted. Interview at about 2:22:00 and performance at 2:44:00.
  2. Love it. The lyrics. The trumpets. The Don't Tell Me reference. I think Madame X will end up being one of my favorite albums of all time. And to think she's this far in her career and can still produce such incredible music. While I loved RH (top 3 for me) this era keeps blowing me away. It's a reminder why I love her so much. There is no one like her.
  3. Yep love it. Damn they sound so good together. Between this and Medellin, I feel like he is her best collaborator. This sounds like a hit to me. The lyrics are so good especially the outro. Regardless if it's on her album or his, I really think it needs to be a single. We are getting so spoilt this era. She has not put a foot wrong with anything. Can't wait for "Bitch I'm Loca".
  4. This definitely more sounds reggaeton like compared to Medellín. The clip sound great though. The first part is a different song right? Or is it all Soltera?
  5. Thanks for the scans. Great interview, only wish it was longer. The photos are incredible.
  6. In general I'm seeing a lot of positivity about the entire Madame X era. Not just here but in the media in general. It feels like most people actually want her to succeed. I think that there is such a drought in creativity from the current artists that Madame X is a refreshing change. People are actually recognizing her artistry.
  7. BTW is it strange we haven't been told of a video date? Medellin had a big release but there is no news about a video for the "official" first single unless I've missed it?
  8. I feel like the verses are the best part. The lyrics are legit.
  9. After spending the day listening to it I think this is my favorite track of all three so far. Can’t stop listening. Even more so than Medellín.
  10. Current time In Melbourne, Australia 11:14am, Friday 10 May 19. Song came out (legally) at midnight. Do people not understand time zones?
  11. The “Ooohs” remind me of the chorus of “Veni, Vidi, Vici “
  12. Yeah I agree. The lyrics are incredibly sweet and I think she sounds amazing. I really like sound of the music too. Especially the guitar at the beginning. She has yet to disappoint me with any of the tracks released so far. I would probably say I Rise is the weakest of the three though. 10/10
  13. It’s a woody fragrance which I prefer. Try this site for review / description. https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Frederic-Malle/Vetiver-Extraordinaire-4774.html
  14. I'm a bit 50-50 on the Emma Gonzales sample but the song itself is great. Love her voice on it and the overall message of the song. Two for two so far. I don't want to jinx it but I'm starting to think she's about to deliver another masterpiece. Everything is blowing me away this era.
  15. Absolutely killing it. The pictures are amazing and I love the reference to Anne Sexton. The article looks like it will be a great read too. Really liking the positivity from BV.
  16. It’s not a cheap perfume. In Australia it retails for $500 for 100ml. Its actually very nice too although my favourite Frederic Malle perfume/cologne is Vetiver Extraordinaire.
  17. I agree. The other issue working against her is radio won’t play her. Her streaming numbers aren’t much different from other acts that chart but they get additional support from radio while she doesn’t. That most disappointing part of that is her music is still better than most of the crap they do play.
  18. Great new article from NME, apologies if this has been posted elsewhere. The ages of Madonna – the evolution of an icon El Hunt Apr 30, 2019 4:56 pm BST The queen of reinvention, you can picture what every great Madonna record looks like without even listening to it Oh just seize me by the collar and cha-cha me into oblivion, Madonna! This month The Queen of Pop returned with the first taster of ‘Madame X’ – her first record in four years – and in short, it’s evidence that she’s bursting with fresh inspiration. Featuring the Colombian singer Maluma, and taking its name from his birth city of ‘Medellin’, Latin pop influence appears to be back for Madge – who moved permanently to the Portuguese capital of Lisbon last year. And while she might’ve been enjoying a few more trips on the city’s ancient trams in recent years (who am I kidding, she definitely has a chauffeur) this isn’t a brand new obsession. In truth, Madonna has been channelling this sort of thing since the days of ‘La Isla Bonita’ and her video for ‘Borderline’. Perhaps that’s why it stands out? When it comes to Madonna, the word reinvention quickly comes to mind. Think about her path, and you think of the effortless way that she transforms herself; she’s a chameleon who shifted from ‘True Blue’s yearning Marilyn Monroe figure to the crotch-grabbing sinner of ‘Like A Prayer’. These days every pop star worth their salt approaches each album like a separate world with a distinct visual identity; it’s now very common to hear music fans referring to things like Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’ phase or The 1975’s ‘Music for Cars’ era. This has been Madonna’s game since 1979. Full article: https://www.nme.com/blogs/material-girl-campy-cowboy-madonnas-iconic-eras-2482550
  19. Great performance. It felt really joyous and happy. Love her and Maluma together. He seems so genuinely happy to be performing with her and I think that’s part of the reason they have such great chemistry.
  20. Wow they really got it off by the looks of it! Three songs so far. I can’t think of anyone else she’s collaborated with this much.
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