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  1. Same @Jazzy Jan. He's "real" and "telling it like it is". Basically he gives them an excuse for their ignorance. "PC gone mad" "Need to go back to traditional values" that's what he represents to people. I never realised how many Australians think Fox News is a legitimate news source. Any time I discuss something negative about Trump I always get people quoting Fox News and how the democrats are lying and a bunch of conspiracy theories about them and Obama. They will choose whatever suits their beliefs and anything that goes against them is considered fake news. Blows my mind. They crazy thing is that in Australia they happily accept things like Medicare and minimum wages and workers rights and public holidays but at the same time support Trump who would strip all of those rights from them.
  2. Is there really any point to this anymore? It's clear the US public will happily make any excuse for Trump. The impeachment is all "fake" and a witch hunt. The Democrats are the real criminals. Get ready for another 4 years of him. I really can't comprehend the world anymore.
  3. I am also surprised about the result. I thought that Labor had it in the bag. I suppose they did too. While Adani played a massive role in QLD I think the other policies that hurt them considerably were the proposed changes to negative gearing and capital gains tax. Also changes to franking credits for retirees. Australians have a fetish for property investment and people who I know who’ve ALWAYS voted Labor voted Liberal this election. I on the other hand voted Labor for the first time in my life as my priorities were more social / environmental than economic. I also thought Labor put forward some innovative initiatives and would’ve been more likely to pursue better longer term economic changes (rather than short term ones like the tax cuts promised by Libs.).
  4. Can we all just agree that the rest of the world does not give a fuck about the US anymore. The Trump presidency, the gun laws, the healthcare, the border wall, climate action, every single story that comes out of the US is a joke. A reality star president who has turned the country into a reality show soap opera. For now the US is on par with third world countries like North Korea. Most of us can only hope this idiocy doesn't spread further.
  5. I was extremely happy with the result over the weekend! I hope the federal election is a repeat of what we saw.
  6. Fox News host tells Trump world sees him as 'beacon for repression' https://www.theage.com.au/world/north-america/fox-news-host-tells-trump-world-sees-him-as-beacon-for-repression-20181119-p50gua.html
  7. I found this quite disturbing: https://www.theage.com.au/politics/victoria/the-religious-minority-seizing-power-in-the-liberal-party-20180601-p4ziyq.html
  8. I don't recall them being so bad but over the last few years (around the start of Abbott's PMship) they've all gone extreme right. I feel like we are turning into the US with how polarized we are becoming. The Liberal party has become a cesspool on par with One Nation. For the first time in my life I'll be voting Labor at both State and Federal elections.
  9. Honestly who the fuck is Alan Jones. Cunt doesn't own the Opera House, who's he to dictate what is shown on it and what isn't. These talk back radio hosts need to fuck off.
  10. No, this is actually massively incorrect. I don't think you understand Australian demographics and how they translate in Australian politics. The result was [directly a reflection of cultural issues in Australia. The Sydney suburbs that voted no (and many other No voting electorates) have high proportions of immigrants or "first generation" Australians. Particularly they are of Muslim or Orthodox backgrounds who are way less likely to support marriage equality. These electorates also tend to have a lower socio-economic status. Lower socio-economic electorates are also more likely to vote Labor which is the working class/Union backed party in Australia. The electorates that voted yes were more likely to be "white", university educated and wealthier. They also tended to be in Liberal electorates. (This is a bit of a misnomer because the Liberal party are considered the conservative party of Australian politics.) The irony here is that the Australian media pushed the view that Labor voters were strongly in support of marriage equality whereas Liberals were seen to want it to fail. This was based on the vocal elements of each party and is the reason why we ended up with a postal vote. During the "campaign" many Liberal politicians were pushing the message that their "conservative" electorates were in favor of traditional marriage including the former PM Tony Abbott (who's electorate returned one of the highest yes votes I believe). Basically both parties were in contrast to what their electorates voted overall.
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