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  1. just now?...you mean, with as much pervert shyt going on in clubs etc, they haven't ruled same sex marriage as of yet? Das shitten!
  2. Too bad indeed...when the last incident in England happened, I heard someone saying that they had knowledge of 30 Isis terrorists being sent through Europe with attack intents...how do they know about such exact number? how about their names and identifying them and just trap them or be over them? they just happen to be accurate about the number...sounds weird. Sorry for the people who lost their lives in this attack.
  3. fuck you guys (Kim etc) using "whore" as a belittle-ling term to diminish a woman...just shows how hateful you are towards whores, as if they deserve to be burnt alive or else. #justice-for-whores#
  4. interesting indeed...I remember another case similar to this with the Indonesian player Aprilia Santini Manganang: a small gurl who jumps like a cat...if she was taller oh my!
  5. Melania is fabulous, end of story. She's a pumpkin? so what? she's a fabulous pumpkin, live with that y'all.
  6. it's ok, not even I understand or sympathize with all that but I don't make fun or grudge about it either. after all we're all broken children raising broken children in this beautiful planet.
  7. Do I sense an anti jews vibe in this thread? I am jew, well not a good one...lol...but my family is. whatever
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