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  1. Chimera

    Justin Timberlake thread

    cheez, so much foolish hatred in here.
  2. oh fuck it! beautiful voice, beautiful woman, so much great music made with the band. I was looking forward for some more new music from her+cranberries. Such a defining 90's artist and beyond. So sad indeed. May she rest in peace now and her ethereal voice live forever.
  3. Chimera


    Hector, play ur magic on this piece of ....please!
  4. Chimera

    Garbage thread

    uhm...reissuing a successful album because they have no other successful ones...just cute..so which one should M reissue or better said, "celebrate"..huh?
  5. Gunshot and No rest for the wicked are jewels. Love the NL album, hope she releases something new soon.
  6. When I was raising my little nephew and he was 4 we would play to be rock stars, and we would put Linkin Park on the Stereo, my nephew seemed to love them and would ask me to put gel on his hair to look punk like Chester lol and would play his invisible guitar singing Faint, Crawling etc. Today he is 18 yo and was at his computer when he yelled Noooo...and he called me to give me the bad news. Such a voice of a generation. " I can't feel the way I did before Don't turn your back on me I won't be ignored Time won't heal this damage anymore Don't turn your back on me I won't be ignored " REST IN PEACE CHESTER
  7. Chimera

    Rebel Heart Tour Showtime GIFs

    So when is this damn DVD out!? that woman is flaunting her ass in the snow now but uh uh no damn dvd! doesn't she need our money anymore?! brat!
  8. Chimera

    Kate Bush

    No pop singer? so what is she then? rock? folk? R&B?, punk?, grunch?...lol....oh yes, eclectic and idiosyncratic, a "performance artist"...fuck that semi intellectual shyt Btw, didn't know she was appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire...what a pompous stupidity
  9. Chimera

    Kate Bush

    talking about people who put their hearts on a pop singer. chill out, she's just an artist, not the Antichrist...believe me, you'll survive!
  10. Chimera

    Kate Bush

    Well, we all know our dear Kate is an "Excentrique"
  11. Oh Lord...just what in the freaking world!
  12. Chimera

    George Michael thread

    ooh la la...maybe George couldn't handle it?...seems biggy down there , just compare their arms
  13. Chimera

    George Michael thread

    Hope he makes some new gems again. He's had a bunch of them in his career...and am glad he's having sex again.
  14. Chimera

    Most Disappointing Albums of 2016

    How dare you! I love Night Thoughts! no wonder you're a bitch, Bitch!