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  1. Amazon echo - Madonna edition

    "Alexa, define annoying"...Gargoyle starts talking...boy gets annoyed...lol
  2. Oh Isaac, just let it go, u can't win this battle
  3. thanks babe, has been hard to check the site when moving to a new country lol
  4. Any list that ranks that stupid Lemon above other real WONDERFUL albums is a self destruct for me.
  5. I guess she just doesn't give two shyts either? but at least her team should give two shyts, after all they're there to at least cover aspects like this. I am sure a fan would do a better job handling her legacy.
  6. Katy Perry thread

    cheez, seems like Karby gave you some of that bad shyt to smoke eh? Anyway, sorry to see Katherine struggling to sell on itunes, I mean for a first single. The song deserves better but it doesn't seem like the video is bringing any major sales. At least her streaming and Radio power is still there and may reac higher than 4 on Billboard. The video is somehow meh though, but props for the message she tried to convey...in this world of Flop princesses is always very welcome but could have been better.
  7. Katy Perry thread

    oh cheez, karby's been fuming of the bad shyt again
  8. Rihanna thread ⚓️

    well, she's actually 30-6=24 solo top 10's...6 top 10's where she's a featuring and not the main act. There's several "unfair" facts going on with Billboard. The itunes era and now the streaming era creates a lot of "unfair" Hits and scenarios in comparison with the "physical" era, but it's what it is. Same happens with albums, but in the opposite way. whatever
  9. The Lady Gaga Thread

    someone's forgetting this atrocity: Imaging that Oscar Night: Nominees for best Actress: Meryl Streep Julianne Moore Cate Blanchett Viola Davis Stefani Germanotta ...and the winner is: then next year she, as a winner, gives the award to Leonardo Dicaprio:
  10. Beyoncé Thread

    no, you did not!...it's one damn capital sin in this Holy Temple! Gods please, crush this mutherfucker pronto! just kidding, you can do whatever you want with your stupid Bonker worshipping, just don't spit on she who gathers us all together in this site!
  11. The Lady Gaga Thread

    uhm...excuse me? she already covered that in her delusional world that is!
  12. The Lady Gaga Thread

    Brrrravo! for MR to be shoved off the top 10 where it NEVER belonged!...and Brrravo for Love on the brain making it into the top 10 after what 4 months being out?...this always deserved to be number 1 and ANTI should have squeezed that Lemon!