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  1. ^ Yeah that word is a bit traumatizing after the Roadkill app fiasco. But OMG I need more teasers like this to tide me over, waiting for the video is too hard.
  2. Fantastic! Queen of the Dancefloor
  3. It's like M has a 6th sense for seeking cameras in the room. You can see Diplo's dimples from a mile away
  4. I was away from the Internet for a while so I didn't hear about the leaks until around the RH release date (flop fan ). At that point I was just preoccupied with listening to the album. In retrospect I'm glad I heard the album first, but I will listen to them. At some point. When I remember to put more effort into acquiring them. I have heard Never Let You Go and loved it.
  5. I need it daily. Take away my Rebel Heart album and I will cut a bitch.
  6. Love you Express Yourself. You're iconic. Happy 26th! ♥ ♥ ♥
  7. What a cool project. Hmmm... this is tricky but I'll try to contribute a few ideas. Bedtimes Stories: "Express yourself, don't repress yourself" Hard Candy: "Dancing makes me feel beautiful" MDNA: "There's only one Queen, and that's Madonna" or "I'm gonna be okay, I don't care what the people say" I like this one for RH too!
  8. I love this animation so much! Madonna Boop Causing a Commotion is an absolute joy of a song, I adore it. So fun to dance to. I always think of Madonna bouncing around on the stage in WTGT & BAT when I hear it.
  9. Well look at how good her tits looked - I understand why she keeps wearing it!
  10. ^ I don't think it's about only wanting her to wear unchallenging pretty things all the time. It's more like the difference between an "edgy" outfit and just a really bad one. Mouth jewelry is great - the gold tooth worked, the gold grills not so much by fan consensus. Solely from a fashion POV. But I agree - Madonna gets a kick out of wearing them and she is being playful & adventurous with her look as always. There is clearly a bit of humour meant in it.
  11. The gold ones are not my cup of tea but the Ghosttown grills are beautiful. Gives her look an edge while still staying pretty.
  12. Love the after party pics! I could stare at her forever.
  13. Agree that hair & makeup play a huge part, can totally transform someone. Pretty sure she has had some treatments/minor work done & it's been looking fantastic lately. Genetics is another factor. I know a 61 year old woman with beautiful skin & no wrinkles even though she smokes/doesn't pay attention to diet. But she takes great care of her skin topically which is extremely important. And probably the biggest culprit for skin aging is sun damage which M avoids religiously. When I was watching the Saturday Q&A it suddenly dawned on me that she was 56 and I swear I did not believe it. Seems impossible!
  14. Dear god, LOOK at this gorgeous Italian bombshell! Creamy smooth pop icon GODDESSSS! I can't take it!
  15. Thanks sweetie! She's phenomenal - glad to hear you love her too. ♥
  16. Diplo & M are so freakin hot together.
  17. I love all these pics! She is so GORGEOUS!
  18. Oh my god I love this. There's only one queen!
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