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  1. ^ Yeah that word is a bit traumatizing after the Roadkill app fiasco. But OMG I need more teasers like this to tide me over, waiting for the video is too hard.
  2. I was away from the Internet for a while so I didn't hear about the leaks until around the RH release date (flop fan ). At that point I was just preoccupied with listening to the album. In retrospect I'm glad I heard the album first, but I will listen to them. At some point. When I remember to put more effort into acquiring them. I have heard Never Let You Go and loved it.
  3. I need it daily. Take away my Rebel Heart album and I will cut a bitch.
  4. Don't pretend you're not hungry There's plenty to eat Come on into my bathroom For mystery meat My rodent is RAWWW
  5. Poor Willardonna. She is probably befriending rats to ease the emotional turmoil of her string of bad luck
  6. It's just the paper sliding along the ground, you can even hear it. It moves at the exact same speed & place where the paper would have fallen. Queen M would not have giant rats in her bathroom!
  7. You can watch it at this link, hope it works for you. http://www.saturdaynightonline.com/pages/chat/madonna.html
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