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  1. Instagram thread - Oct/Nov 2016

    The final tally will put Hillary more than 2,000,000 votes....just to update my previous post.
  2. Instagram thread - Oct/Nov 2016

    You're absolutely wrong, there is no margin of error in the popular vote, but a few people have already told you that. She also won by more than 200,000 in the end...more than 400,000. Before you tell people they don't know what they're talking about, you should do more research.
  3. It's could have...could've. That says it all really.
  4. Obama doesn't like Hillary? What the fuck are you talking about? Amazing that you know how he really feels about her. That's what he appointed her Secretary of the State, and why he and Michelle are campaigning for her. Again, just repeating sound bites with no basis in fact. There is no FBI investigation, get your shit right. Tired of people pulling shit put of their asses as though it is fact.
  5. Misinformed idiots...they believe anything they hear repeated enough times. Hillary is one of the most qualified people to run for president ever...but she is a woman.
  6. Deeper & Deeper and Hollywood are two of her best! Gambler has always been underrated. The Nothing Really Matters video is amazing, the song is not my favorite though.
  7. I was living in Florida at the time and it was when Hollywood came out that they played Take A Bow with the nasty comments instead. The Power of Goodbye on Z100 seems like too similar an idea to be coincidence, either they heard another station doing it or they spoke to one another to be total dicks about it. I didn't know the stations were all corporately controlled to that extent back then.
  8. I actually remember a Clear Channel station playing Take A Bow (I don't remember if it was just the ending or part of the song) right after American Life came out, and they said something to the effect of "say goodbye Madonna" I am definitely not one for conspiracy nonsense, but I remember the climate back then...a fucked up time.
  9. And yet people insist that there was never a boycott...they clearly don't remember what the US was like at that time. Even the most benign comment about the war or Bush was met with a severe backlash.
  10. This was really difficult: Lucky Star Burning Up Borderline Physical Attraction Holiday Gambler Into the Groove Dress You Up Pretender Live to Tell Like A Prayer Express Yourself Vogue Justify My Love Rescue Me Erotica Deeper and Deeper Bad Girl Waiting Secret Garden Sanctuary Secret I Want You Drowned World/Substitute For Love Skin Has to Be Don’t Tell Me Paradise (Not For Me) Hollywood Nothing Fails Easy Ride Get Together Love Spent Living For Love Ghosttown Illuminati Joan of Arc Inside Out Best Night Rebel Heart
  11. Madonna Tears Of A Clown - LIVE !

    Throw your hole puncher at her!
  12. Madonna Tears Of A Clown - LIVE !

    If you're going to sing that loudly, know the fucking words!! (and be able to sing somewhat well). Madonna sounds perfect! Best setlist ever!
  13. Madonna Tears Of A Clown - LIVE !

    This is so unbelievable!!
  14. Azealia Banks

    Maybe lesbians should have said something to her about it, but she claims she is bi-sexual, and she hasn't used the word dyke with anywhere near the same vitriol as she insists on using slurs against gay men (white ones in particular). She's beyond being a fucking idiot with this already. I would love to see a "white cis gender gay man" such her in her stupid cunt face.