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  1. She already told Trump to go suck a dick (among other things). She doesn’t need to address him specifically anymore, we all know her feelings. She say herself that this song wasn’t about any one “old man”...it’s about the patriarchy in general. I’m sure you-know-who was at the forefront of her mind when writing that line though.
  2. One of my favorites on the album...I expected the video to be mostly what we had seen before, but it looks exciting!
  3. You know she has to say something in the video for the “get that old man...” part!
  4. Madonna has done many very non-pop songs, mostly with Mirwais, but Madame X definitely has some of her most unconventionally structured songs. That is what separates her from typical pop singers/artists, she has (especially since Justify My Love) usually included some innovative “weird” music on all her albums. Her non-singles are mostly her best music. It depends on one’s taste of course. Batuka is brilliant and one of my favorites on the album. I am very pleasantly surprised we’re getting a video.
  5. Nobody's Perfect was the first song to utilize autotune throughout most of the song (I think more than 90% of the song)...obviously "Cher's" (quotes are because Cher doesn't write/produce music) Believe used it before, but that was a minimal amount. The Music album was the first to use autotune consistently and more generously. I never tire of hearing Disco Science...one of my favorite songs ever.
  6. This is one of my favorites on the album too. Really incredible. It’s interesting to see how wide-ranging the tastes of her fanbase are. There are just as many who only like straightforward pop songs as those who like her more experimental side. I can’t imagine not hearing the brilliance of this song.
  7. I did love that she mentioned Goa and the use of the instruments in OE...she really immersed herself and incorporated all Lusophone and related musical styles.
  8. I’m very surprised...Crazy is one of my least favorites (I like the singing, but that’s about it) as is Extreme Occident. Not crazy about Looking for Mercy either, but Killers and Batuka are top 5 for me.
  9. American Life was great live! The choreography while playing guitar was the best!
  10. She gave a great performance and she just made one of the best albums of her career. The trolls are obvious and unsophisticated, so tired and boring. Enjoy the music, it will outlive all the noise.
  11. To me something like Girl Gone Wild is a cringe mess...as are lifeless repetitive dance remixes. At least the production on American Life is innovative.
  12. The production on American Life is the best part of the song, the only part I don’t care for is the rap, specifically the end with the Christian/Jew thing...otherwise it’s a good song, especially with good speakers. It could work updated live.
  13. Wow, I completely agree with your entire assessment, even concerning past albums. Very well said! I am so proud and surprised at the brilliance of Madame X!
  14. This is why we love her, Madame X is fucking brilliant!
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