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  1. Madonna Tears Of A Clown - LIVE !

    Throw your hole puncher at her!
  2. Madonna Tears Of A Clown - LIVE !

    If you're going to sing that loudly, know the fucking words!! (and be able to sing somewhat well). Madonna sounds perfect! Best setlist ever!
  3. Madonna Tears Of A Clown - LIVE !

    This is so unbelievable!!
  4. 1. REBEL HEART 2. Erotica 3. Like a Prayer 4. Madonna 5. American Life 6. Ray of Light 7. Music 8. Bedtime Stories 9. Confessions on a Dance Floor 10. True Blue 11. Like a Virgin 12. Hard Candy 13. MDNA 14. I'm Breathless
  5. As others have pointed out, you don't know what you're talking about. I was in the front row, and I could hear her singing during Iconic, HW, BIM and Body Shop...it's pretty obvious anyway. There was a backing track for some, but the bulk was live and vocodered. Anyone who says otherwise either has no clue, didn't actually watch the show, or is just trying to start nonsense.
  6. NYC Sept. 19

    It was the most fun I've ever had at a Madonna concert ever! It was so amazing, and truly a special night. Fuck, her voice sounded perfect! I'll write more tomorrow.
  7. NYC Sept. 19

    Does anyone know if anything is going on at any Brooklyn bars?
  8. I know, it's always a bit disconcerting when she gets praise, because we're so used to people saying bad shit about her and not giving her credit for almost anything. These are some of the bets reviews I've ever seen of her, and it is about fucking time, especially after the negativity this year. The album and this tour are amazing. I really enjoyed the show, it was the most fun and warm show she has done.
  9. NYC Sept. 16

    I wanted to know about this too, does anyone know?
  10. Congratulations Robster, you really deserve the recognition. They should have used some of your art for the single covers.
  11. It seems she sounds better than ever, and is having more fun...I like her big dance numbers, but from what I've seen, this is one of my favorite tours. I'll reserve final judgment until I see her in NY next week. I didn't expect to enjoy LAV and Holy Water that much. I can not wait! I enjoy her more stripped down shows versus big productions. I loved the MDNA tour visually, but I much prefer focus on the music. True Blue, WTG and La Vie En Rose are amazing! As for negativity...it's everywhere on the internet regarding everything and anyone. Fuck them.
  12. Wait...is Rescue Me really happening? I've been trying to follow the thread, but I'm really busy at work. Ugh, so frustrating, an want to hear the clips posted so far!
  13. Lana Del Rey

    Tina Turner has never written any of her music, and she is notorious for not really understanding much about making music. I love Tina, but she doesn't fit with "whose music is not their work". She is not a musician.
  14. Lana Del Rey

    I didn't really like her music that much at first, but when I heard West Coast I really started to appreciate her a bit more. I like a lot of her songs now.
  15. That's weird, my boyfriend's favorite M song is Borderline and he loves JOA too...maybe there is a connection.