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  1. If he loved children so much, why was it always one boy at a time? Why always the same type of boys (age/look)? Also in a bedroom with alarms and shit...come on, how willfully blind/ignorant one has to be to defend him. How can anyone overlook this?
  2. We were writing comparing R. Kelly at the same time...even men with no power or influence manage to abuse people. Those who are already familiar and have music/shows people grew up with, can get away with pretty much anything--and as we have seen in this thread--they will always have staunch supporters who defend them no matter what.
  3. In the United States., money and the legal system are inextricably linked. Most of the time it is lawyers who ask for money/set an amount. Most people would accept a $25 million settlement (for sure) and even much less...having been molested/abused and millions of dollars versus molested/abused and nothing. It's incredible that people still try to defend his behavior, but Bill Cosby (50+ women accusing) and R. Kelly (video & plenty of accusers) still have their defenders who allowed them to continue their nonsense for decades, and they weren't anywhere near MJ's level. It was ridiculously obvious before this documentary and even more so now, Michael Jackson was a pedophile...a non-violent, gentle on the surface one--but a child (specifically pretty white boys) molester/abuser non-the-less.
  4. 1. REBEL HEART 2. Erotica 3. Like a Prayer 4. Madonna 5. American Life 6. Ray of Light 7. Music 8. Bedtime Stories 9. Confessions on a Dance Floor 10. True Blue 11. Like a Virgin 12. Hard Candy 13. MDNA 14. I'm Breathless
  5. That's weird, my boyfriend's favorite M song is Borderline and he loves JOA too...maybe there is a connection.
  6. I love this song, and people I've played it for who don't really like Madonna like this. I was hoping for it as a single, a video would be so amazing. I am really hoping she at least does it on tour. She has to know how good it is.
  7. It's really difficult to pick five...this album has so many great songs. Inside Out Joan of Arc Ghosttown Devil Pray Best Night
  8. She definitely has people talking, who gives a fuck what they say at this point? The video is clearly a big fuck you to everyone who says she's too old and desperate. It is an amazing video, so fun to watch. I am so happy it's doing well.
  9. So transparent that the most negative voices have under 20 posts. It's a fun video, the Beyonce cameo looks the most out of place and thrown in, but the rest of them are ok. I would have liked more dancing like the Fallon performance, but we still don't know what's at the end. What the hell happens in the pool!?
  10. There is so much good material from this album...Hold Tight Demo 5 is the best version!
  11. Why is this Traditional asshole still on here? It was funny when everyone was making fun of him the first few times, but now it's just annoying.
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