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  1. It’s definitely a Mirwais problem but M seems to be willing to pay a fair amt (25k plus 15%) . It seems Casey saw the huge touring numbers and wants a bigger piece of the pie, which he doesn’t deserve It sucks he has to bash her and it will be interesting to see if either M or Mirwais respond
  2. Zero nominations for Bruce Springsteen as well. The Grammies are the new mtv awards Some of the nominations are ridiculous
  3. Still listen to the album everyday and of course always on the lookout for her instagram posts. I come in here once in a while. I try to stay away from any M negativity and sad to say that some of her own fans are the worst in that department
  4. It was a good performance but a bit overhyped. Vocals were horrid on LAPIt is what it is.
  5. Queen looks AMAZING as does papi Maluma Those mtv hosts were horrid!
  6. Beautiful Game will be one long MDNA Skin advert product placement/music video jk
  7. Very sad situation. Death toll is now up to 50. Prayers for all the victims
  8. So proud of SA the crowd was fire. I dont want to be negative but the Houston crowd(i was there) sucked. People were leaving in droves the last few songs it was pathetic. Thats all ill say about that. The bowie tribute in Hou was the Best!
  9. Queen slayed our lives and im drunk the bars after sucked . Cant wait for houston
  10. Its her first time in SA . Only single seats remain. Should be a great crowd. Cant Wait!!
  11. Sad but NONE of us know the story behind what's happening. Hopefully they will resolve this and do whats best for Rocco whether its staying w M or living w Guy.
  12. Omg she looks AMAZING w the new hair *gasp*
  13. BRAHIM Is there posted this vid https://instagram.com/p/_IIu6CIujV/
  14. Congrats Chelle! Saw the vid last night n loved hearing the excitement in your voice! Glad an Mnation member got to experience that! What a dream come true !
  15. Wait... Europe has GA no floor seats? You can walk around anywhere around the cross/heart? U guys are Lucky !!
  16. Her Brother was there also. He posted pics on his instagram : cgciccone
  17. Dj just finished his set. Its 9:30 LA time
  18. Soldout sign outside the venue :: https://instagram.com/p/9XVQWjlksp/
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