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  1. Very sad situation. Death toll is now up to 50. Prayers for all the victims
  2. So terrible:( thoughts and prayers w everyone in Paris. Stay Safe
  3. M is keeping this song in her back pocket.Taking it out if Meatball starts her shit again..
  4. I noticed Aya n Bambi shared that negative review but think its a language barrier thing. They more than likely just saw a screencap of the video and shared.
  5. Well he is Right. Rebel Heart plus some of the other demos are way better than the album versions. Having said that i dont think it would of made a big difference in terms of sales. The leaks, ageism, and other factors are to blame in my opinion.
  6. Maybe i didnt read it right but did someone in here compare The Queen to a child molestor and a crackwhore?
  7. This is MADONNA ! Did u forget she released a fucking Sex book with pics of her eating out some guys ass and her being naked over a damn dog and some of you are worried about press about a fucking kiss reaction??
  8. The reaction from these basic hoes is why they will never be as Big As Madonna
  9. The clip of her singing holiday has 4.7 million views on the tonightshow facebook page!!!!
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