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  1. Truth is we all have our fav on the album, I'm sorry to say that as much as I love Devil Pray, it's not one of my fav... All this talk about quality of her singles is about personnal opinions, not facts
  2. Ok, but why is there the mention @mdnaSkin on the vid then ?
  3. Yes, it could be that ! Although I never liked this idea, why not.
  4. She won't perform the new song 3 weeks after releasing it, she will sing it 3/4 days after only IMO, while there will still be excitement for it all over, that's the only way to push it Eurovision finale is May 18th IF SHE REALLY IS PERFORMING THERE...
  5. Consider it to be the same question: what makes a song hit the charts ? (+ are charts meaning something today ?)
  6. so what do you mean ? Of course there will be 2 or 3 featurings in the album, to appeal to the young generation that is supposed to be into hip-hop but what is announced by M herself is a portuguese oriented music for this album, not hip-hop.
  7. What makes a song a hit ? Not just the song itself, not one performance either...it's much more complicated
  8. Where ? Not thanks to her I guess. You have to be fair about this, it she comes up with a real single like CR 90% of her fans won't be interested.
  9. Would be great if she could reach 1 million. The single has to be great, the image as well !
  10. Very excited for the weeks to come... I trust her as long as music is concerned, she never left me down and she often has made me curious and more opened... I don't think it's gonna be hip-hop oriented. She's not crazy, she knows how hard Champagne Rosé flopped. Didn't she shoot a video a few weeks ago, with the brunette look ? What is it for if not for a next video ?
  11. A killer dance track but with portueguese influences... She won't be doing a fist single like Hung Up again... it'll be more something like La Isla /Lela para tute
  12. Of course her work is full of european influences but she's still an american culture symbol anywhere in the world simply because she is american. That is also true ! Totally agree !
  13. I don't think so ! I'm convinced there will be world music, portuguese artists on the first single. It has to show that she has a new sound in this new album... so definitely not a pure dance song, something else related to the new sound she's been talking about.
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