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  1. 01 Living For Love 02 Hold Tight 03 Ghosttown 04 Devil Pray 05 Heartbreak City 06 Unapologetic Bitch 07 Bitch I'm Madonna 08 Body Shop 09 Best Night 10 Auto-tune Baby 11 Iconic 12 Inside Out 13 Joan Of Arc 14 Illuminati 15 Veni Vidi vici 16 Messiah 17 Wash All Over Me 18 Rebel Heart
  2. Think about the tears you would have got if it had been the actual Brit version, so much powerful...
  3. Best Bridge: Body Shop/Inside Out (so let me love you/let me love you) I add this: Best line : Living For Love (I deserve the best and it's not you)
  4. Perfect explanation. So, for me: MVP Track: Living For Love
  5. I'd like to know too... Top three songs: Living For Love, Body Shop, Inside out Song that grew on you: Illuminati Song that faded for you: Borrowed Time Best Lyrics: Living For Love Best Vocal: Messiah Best Melody: Wash All Over Me Best Chorus: Body Shop Most Fun To Play Loud: Unapologetic Bitch Most Overrated Song: Ghosttown (although I like it) Most Underrated Song: Hold Tight MVP Track: ? Most Classic Madonna Sounding: Living For Love Most Groundbreaking: Bitch I'm Madonna
  6. One of my fav from the beginning...
  7. No, sometimes in the demo, the voice is really out of place. You feel it was not meant to be like that. She would have sung it differently on a beat like the demo one, obviously.
  8. Well, if you didn't hear the demo first, you would'nt think it too slow. Those leaks sure didn't help anything... ----- In the Avicci remix, it's quite obvious that her voice doesn't really fit the song although remaining a catchy dance song. Gorgeous ballad for me. I need a good break though... I miss it
  9. That's the worst part... It had HIT written all over, and it was so good. I will never understand... At least we know !!
  10. Believe it, I don't like it so much. It lacks some re-work on it, I don't really like the chorus.
  11. Living For Love Inside Out Body Shop Hold Tight Unapologetic Bitch Bonus Best Night Devil Pray Ghosttown Wash All Over Me Joan Of Arc
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