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  1. MADONNA AND JESUS SPLIT Date: February 2nd, 2010 Madonna and her toyboy lover Jesus Luz have reportedly split in a move initiated, surprisingly, by Luz. The 23 year old famehunting gigolo DJ is said to have realised that the he had little in common with his 51 year old girlfriend. Thats odd we have plenty in common with our Grandmother. http://www.rumermills.com/rumers-rankings/a-plus-list/
  2. I loath the cunt - she ain't a patch on GaGa
  3. Great performance but I hate the hair - I wish she'd go brunnette again.
  4. Good, and it would have worked well on the album.
  5. True, and that would fit with the claims that she's now a HERITAGE ACT
  6. Why would they even consider her when her last US hit was nearly 2 years ago - unless they want to bill it as her swansong and she hands the baton to GaGa and Beyonce.
  7. Love the film, love the soundtrack and loved the whole era with her glowing with happiness. I was apprehensive about it when I saw a clip of them filming the scenes on the balcony of the Casa Rosada but she pulled it off entirely.
  8. I doubt Radio 1 will touch her new stuff ever again - she'll be played on bank holiday request shows from now on.
  9. 1. Confessions On A Dancefloor - loved the whole era, in fact I played the tour DVD just last night. 2. Music - another great era with lots of innovative ideas like the mini-gig to launch it and the on-line broadcast.
  10. So it'll be Robbie and Olly, George and Joe, Buble and Stacey. I'd do Buble I have to say
  11. If she were doing it there'd be hype building - GMTV would have tagged it onto the interviews as another exclusive. I think she'll save it for maximum impact with her new product, not to shift this already dead in the water GH CD. And who'd want her on the same bill as George Michael and Paul McCartney - and at the desperation of *trying* to get Robbie back.
  12. I'm not sure this is such a good idea - do we really want her to actively promote a career retrospective - it's as though she's admitting the best is behind her. She'd be better doing it when she has a new album out.
  13. simon Cowell wouldn't give anything away but he said the acts for the final had been confirmed and it was their best line up yet. I'm sure we'd have info on her rehearsing for it if it were happening.
  14. Madonna: 'Revolver' Released on Monday, December 14 2009 By Mayer Nissim, Entertainment Reporter With 1990's The Immaculate Collection and 2001's GHV2 still readily available, some pop fans questioned the need for Madonna's current Best Of. However, when it comes down to it, the compilation offers a near-perfect two-disc encapsulation of everything that's great about the Queen Of Pop. Despite some inevitable quibbles about what has and hasn't make the tracklisting, the bulk of Celebration underlines just how good Madonna has been for so very long. But of course, no hits collection is compl
  15. Nice interview and the ran a commerical for Celebration during the break with a different voice over from the original ad.
  16. They really worked her for that - I still have a VHS tape with them on, Feltz asking whether she had difficulty breast feeding and if she was still enjoying sex. Feltz later slagged her off when AL came out and claimed she was kept waiting for ages while Madonna fed her baby and that she didn't even apologise.
  17. They'd hardly get her on BBC Breakfast as it's more serious - i.e. Annie Lennox was on there yesterday talking about World aids day an the plight in Africa so she's obviously not doing GMTV to promote her chartiy. It's a fucking irritating show with the same competition trailer running every five minitues but it's the most appropriate promo slot for a pre-recorded interveiw in a hotel room. She last did it during the Evita press round.
  18. The Timbaland hook gave her her last big hit in the UK - they're hardly going to use Celebration - which barely registered with the download generation.
  19. He looks lovely in the trailers for the interview but it's all a bit POINTLESS as are most things Madonna does in terms of her career these days.
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