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  1. Downloads are really making a big impact on the charts. Apparently Lee Mead is number 1 on physical sales, Take That number 5 and Menly C number 11. That's not to say if downloads didn't exist, people wouldn't be buying the tracks in physical format. Has Hey You charted yet?
  2. I could have SWORN that was a top 10. It was pointless releasing a third single from an album that's done so well.
  3. Is it downloads only? Still, doesn't detract from the fact that it's crap.
  4. So is this the first Take That single to miss the top 10? The song is really rather crap. I'm surprised Menly C is doing so well.
  5. I agree UNANIMOUSLY. That said, LIB being churned out (YET AGAIN ) is the song that I'm least looking forward to. I'm pleased I'm seeing her in a stadium this time; she's never quite lived up to the experience in areans, for me.
  6. Funny how your CONVENIENTLY missed out the first part of the quote: When POOR BRAVE KYLIE does one of her local tours, not only is she not declared the "best" at anything, but Madonna is invariably mentioned in nearly every review. Thankfully Madonna is compared to NO-ONE except herself (past tours) in hers.
  7. We're not talking about some MINCING QUEEN who writes for BOYZ. And never in their wildest dreams could TEAM POOR BRAVE KYLIE convince anyone with a statement like this: And with regards to the set she "comes up with the basic idea and is involved from square one."
  8. Well any review of a POOR BRAVE KYLIE show certainly wouldn't culminate with a statement like this: I confess I was impressed. No sign that Queen Madonna will be abdicating from her throne just yet.
  9. Nothing, that is until some CRETINOUS fan of BRAVE KYLIE decides to rear its UGLY head in the thread.
  10. I wonder if all the C-list celebs will be at the first London show like last time. Have a good time Suedey. I'm JEALOUS.
  11. The go towards subsidising The Mirror's dwindling sales.
  12. I remember wondering why there was always space at the back of Wembley Stadium when the shows were sold out and one of the security guys told me they had to have a cut off point, lower than the maximum capacity of a venue due to health and safety regulations. What a AWFUL time it must be for the the fans of Brave Kylie reading all these glowing reviews proclaiming that there's no one close to being in Madonna's league. I do like to say I TOLD YOU SO.
  13. GMTV ran a news report that she was booed because she didn't play an encore.
  14. I've yet to see it live but from what I've seen of the clips I think it could even top Blond Ambition for as her most SPECTACULAR opening to date.
  15. Madonna: We're all plagiarising! Posted: 11 July 2006 - From contactmusic.com Pop icon Madonna has no qualms about stealing ideas from other artists because she insists it's an acceptable part of the creative process. Jessica Simpson and Paris Hilton have both been criticised recently for releasing songs that are reminiscent of Madonna's early hits, but she claims it's perfectly normal. Madonna explains, '(Inspiration) is about paying attention. For instance, I saw David LaChapelles movie Rize, and it has incredible dancers in it. I found out who the dancers were and put them in my ne
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