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  1. That would explain her DOWNWARD SPIRALLING career.
  2. Where you goin' boy I see your legs twitchin' My daddy said you just need a good lickin'
  3. 1. American Life 2. Die Another Day 3. Don't Tell Me 4. Hung Up 5. What It Feels Like For A Girl
  4. Undoubtedly her best period for videos 1. Human Nature 2. Take A Bow 3. Vogue 4. Frozen 5. I Want You
  5. Music should have been 30 seconds longer and Hung Up shouldn't have been edited.
  6. This put a virus on my pc when I tried to download it!
  7. You can read the ALL IMPORTANT review of this tour in the archived forum Here I didn't go to the 2009 outing, which would have been UNTHINKABLE to me prior to S&S
  8. It was LONG before that. During Human Nature I thought to myself that this is one I'll be skipping when the DVD come out. I was wrong, I won't be buying the DVD.
  9. Jennifer Rush - Madonna's Eyes One look in Madonna's eyes She can read your thoughts and can see through your mind One look in Madonna's eyes, she can't fill the rooms But empty lives Bryan Adams - Somebody I thought I saw the Madonna When you walked in the room
  10. So will it be the live version or a studio version. Also, I wonder if it's on Live Nation rather than Warners - who's releasing the CD/DVD?
  11. Although I'm not so sure about her coming back with something good the way I have been during her previous creative lulls.
  12. I remember wondering how this would have evolved into a full blown performance for the tour she was planning for 1999.
  13. No she wasn't - she was about having a great business brain and capitalising on her genius. Now it's all about maximising profit for minimum effort.
  14. Six hours! I'd rather pay some pleb who's in need of the cash to do it for me. I'm all for spreading the WEALTH Karbie dearest.
  15. Such a chore to try and download this and burn it to a DVD - anyone know where you can purchase it on line?
  16. FACT But they make her money, and that's what she's ALL ABOUT. Artistic integrity and making good music are no longer factors in her game.
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