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  1. Thanks to YouTube I can now demonstrate what I mean when they both appeared on Top Of The Pops for the first time. Cyndi was first, her look having been well thought out with an experienced stylist, and put on a performance that was so OTT it was off putting. Madonna came on, looking like she'd just stepped out of a New York gutter and put on an energetic yet understated performance that was COOLER THAN FUCK. I wanted MORE. Here are the clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yx6uGbxmjQ0http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yx6uGbxmjQ0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AggPvDAGlQhttp://www.yout
  2. 1. Madonna 2. Elvis Presley 3. Rolling Stones 4. Beatles 5. Michael Jackson
  3. They don't sell or make money anymore.
  4. I'm hoping Spanish Lesson becomes a regular staple, just like Holiday, Ray Of Light and Music.
  5. Madonna really has to get over her ego and realise that she's OVER in the US and try and maintain a profile in countries where she's still popular. Godga has proved that Euro dance/pop can be huge in the US so COADF's lack of success there was down to Madonna, not the style of music.
  6. Not her best video but still head and shoulders above any other pop promo that's doing the rounds. Shame Madonna didn't see fit to use Klein's genius for a promo video, not just tour backdrops.
  7. Christina and Gaga paying homage to Madonna is no different than Material Girl really.
  8. Shitty & Stale without a doubt and I don't buy this crap about the 2009 leg being better. I hope she starts her next tour outside of the UK because I won't be rushing to buy tickets until I've seen some evidence of its brilliance. As for DWT - the ABYSMAL DVD has ruined its legacy. The show itself was an ENTHRALLING live experience, mainly because I hadn't seen her for eight years and she was doing all the new songs from the interim period. That said, I wouldn't rate it that highly alongside some of the others but the DVD should not be used as the method of judging it.
  9. I've thought for some time that she's behind the leaking of these untouched photos. There's been a huge hu-ha about airbrushing in the media for ages now and let's face it, she's getting more kudos and respect than she's had from the press in ages over these photos. As the wedding pics prove, she'll sue the arse of anyone who dares invade her privacy so if there were someone leaking these, it would continue to happen after the first lot.
  10. The HC outtakes were horrendous but she looks great here.
  11. I heard that Warners told Nile Rodgers to speed Madonna's vocals up on Like A Virgin so that she sounded more like Cyndi who was bigger at the time, mainly due to her having more money pumped into the campaign for her debut album. I remember them both appearing on TOTPs for the first time, Cyndi went OTT and generally tried too hard. Madonna took the stage, looking like she'd just walked off the lower-east side and gave an understated peformance that was as COOL AS FUCK. Cyndi's career was well on the wane within a few years of that whilst Madonna was going from strenght to strength. It's
  12. ^EXACTLY There are plenty of them on here - the sad thing for them is that they're the sort of people to whom she wouldn't even give the time of day
  13. Read the interview - she said as much herself A true fan is someone who KNOWS her GENIUS but recognises when her efforts are half arsed.
  14. I could live with an album not being to my taste if it was a passionate effort on her part. What I can't stand is the half arsed, 'let's stick a record out as I'm contractually obliged to' mediocrity. In some respects, her being without a record deal is a blessing as she can pursue her other endeavours and make an album when she's truly inspiredto.
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