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  1. Belfast Telegraph Jane Graham: Why Material Girl Madonna is looking frayed Saturday, 13 November 2010 Seeing Madonna embarrass her children by dragging yet another star-blinded young stud onto the dancefloor this week, it struck me that the 52-year-old Ms Ciccone has now completed what will probably be her final transformation from the Queen of Pop to a sad, sorry, salutary tale. Does Madonna really imagine, as she slaps on a fake smile and pours her punished body into another leather basque, that the world is gazing on in envy and admiration? Probably, a lifetime of being surrounded by
  2. The last time I had the wow factor with Madonna was Live Earth - she's been shit ever since.
  3. Her last MOMENT OF GREATNESS in terms of videos. I still think FUCK OFF when people criticize the leotard and crotch in your face. It epitomizes EVERYTHING that put her where she is.
  4. I don't understand why Cher didn't do American Life - it would have been PERFECT and SEALED THE DEAL for her.
  5. Kylie wanted to perform Vogue but was worried viewers would get confused and put her in the bottom two
  6. That may as well have happened on the last tour given how underwhelming the opening number was.
  7. She's UNRIVALLED amongst HERITAGE ACTS. It does amuse me that loons just can't accept that the greatest of creative wells run dry and every dog has its day, with a new puppy evetually replacing it. It happens with all fanbases though - I was on a Blondie forum recently and the loons were bemoaning the fact that their new album is being released in Australia ahead of the rest of the world. Like anyone gives a fuck or it's ever gonna sell/be rememberd like the stuff from their heyday
  8. It's only fucked up for 50 somethings who's creative well has long since run dry. Elton John has just acknowledged the fact that he hasn't had a hit for five years and that he just can't compete with acts like Gaga He, like Madonna, kept it going in his early 50s by teaming up with younger stars but there's only so much of that an act can do.
  10. This doesn't surprise me in the least and I expect there's similar to come now that she's a spent force, without a label and useless manager. What else is left for a brand in decline to do in the AGE OF GAGA
  11. As if Madonna would use Kylie's producers - she wants a HIT
  12. Her voice was at its most beautiful during the Music sessions - it even sounds gorgeous on American Pie.
  13. The GaGa PHENOMENON continues to grow - can't believe how mucn worldwide media attention she garnered.
  14. She's making shit music and doing half arsed tours - what do you expect the media to do - they know she's capable of brilliance so they ain't gonna pander to her when she's churning out shit and there are loads of young female acts around doing what she used to do in her hey day.
  15. Gaga is WAY TOO BIG to entertain such a notion nowadays.
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