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  1. Madonna's next album will be met with critics and journalists asking is there a place in pop music for a fifty something mother of four in the age of Gaga :bow: Beyonce, Rhianna, Katy et al. The only way she can prove that there is, is to deliver a MASTERPIECE and this doesn't bode well for that happening. I've been saing for years now, Guy Oseary is a CRAP manager and has allowed heer to ruin her brand, reputation and artistic integrity.

  2. Poor brave Kylie has always debuted new songs on tour, hasn't she? :rotfl:

    Wasn't Crapper Than Today going to be HUGE :lmao:

    Back to Madonna, people who saw the first part of the WTG tour would have seen new songs as the soundtrack wasn't released until July so WTG, Causing A Commotion and The Look Of Love were still in the can during the Japanese and US dates. :wow:

  3. It's easy to say in hindsight which performances I do not like but (and this will make me sound like a loon), I honestly haven't disliked any performance when I've seen it live at the concert. I've always been so caught up in the atmosphere and enjoying myself and in awe that it is Madonna that I end up on a high when the gig is over anyway and whilst I'll have favourites there wouldn't be any one song I'd say "YUCK!" about. And I've been to all the tours (except Virgin).

    This, with the exception of Human Nature on S&S - I knew at the time I'd be skipping that one on the DVD.

  4. What's so bad about this performance?

    It's a lack lustre song and shouldn't have made the set list. It works very well as a piece of mood music in the movie but that's it, it doesn't stand up as a song in its own way the way something like Time Stood Still does. She should have done Crazy For You at that point in the show.

    Oh and I love the performnace of PDP on RIT but it really pisses me off that she left out the bridge.

  5. WTG - The Look Of Love

    DWT - Oh Dear Daddy

    DWT - Spanish version fo WIFLFAG

    S&S - Candy Shop

    S&S - Human Nature

    S&S - Dress You Up

    S&S - Spanish Lesson

    S&S - Ray Of Light

    S&S - Hung Up (worst tour performance ever)

    S&S - 4 Minutes

    S&S - Give It To Me

    Probably a few more from S&S but I try not to recall too much about it.

  6. this is madonna at her absolute best and at a month shy of 49 years old!!!!! commanding the stage and audience like no other. there is not one performer out today, including the new heralded ones half her age, the katy perrys, the beyonces, the rhiannas...that can even touch this. or come close. that is just a fact.

    AGREED :clap:

  7. They weren't actually DROPPED. Goldfrapp were originally signed to indepedent Mute Records which joined EMI in 2002. This September they separated and Mute became independent again. That just means EMI isn't distributing for Goldfrapp anymore, though they're still signed to Mute.

    I love the RATIONALE - it sounds like a similar scenario to when Kylie "decided to part company" with Deconstruction, by "mutuable agreement". :demonic:

    It's the same as Madonna saying she doesn't have a label while she's under contract with Live Nation.

    It's NOTHING like that. Madonna completed her contract with Warners (for the third time) and they tried to retain her, after 25 years with them but they couldn't as Live Nation offered her a better deal, which included licensing future releases in an ever changing industry. Alison would love to be in such a position but NEVER has been and NEVER will be.

    she has the talent to back it up

    I've never bought into that. Her stuff is totally unoriginal and wholly derivative. Alison's biggest downfall was her arrogance, ego and believing her reviews. That's what's put her where she is today. :demonic:

  8. I've noticed since MJ's death there have been more threads and references to "when Madonna dies" whereas prior it was never really mentioned. I guess being that he was her age, the "King" to her "Queen" and they were both THE stars of the 80's it probably makes some have morbid curiosity as to what will happen when she goes. This may sound ridiculous, but I think MJ's death made some M fans realize she is NOT invincible.

    But he ENDED with the 80s; she lasted into the 00s.

  9. It did all start with those damn cheeks though. She was obviously doing something to her face to make it look so fresh for awhile there, but unless you were paying attention to Madonna 24/7 you would never know anything was being done because it was so natural looking. That all changed with the cheeks. It became too damn obvious after that. For the 100th time, she didnt need it done

    THIS :clap:

  10. Isn't this article from an Irish paper?

    My understanding is that Ireland is one of the most anti-Madonna countries in Europe, particularly when one compares her chart success there to that in most other European nations.

    It's Northern Ireland which is part of the UK and contributes to the UK charts data.

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