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  1. I'm loving American Life (the song) at the moment - WHINING BITCH that she is.
  2. Madonna's next album will be met with critics and journalists asking is there a place in pop music for a fifty something mother of four in the age of Gaga Beyonce, Rhianna, Katy et al. The only way she can prove that there is, is to deliver a MASTERPIECE and this doesn't bode well for that happening. I've been saing for years now, Guy Oseary is a CRAP manager and has allowed heer to ruin her brand, reputation and artistic integrity.
  3. Wasn't Crapper Than Today going to be HUGE Back to Madonna, people who saw the first part of the WTG tour would have seen new songs as the soundtrack wasn't released until July so WTG, Causing A Commotion and The Look Of Love were still in the can during the Japanese and US dates.
  4. How could we forget. Imagine and The Funny Song pissed me off because she has so much that gets left out and I'm not just talking about the classics. To think that TFS was the only time we got to hear a new song on a tour.
  5. This, with the exception of Human Nature on S&S - I knew at the time I'd be skipping that one on the DVD.
  6. It's a lack lustre song and shouldn't have made the set list. It works very well as a piece of mood music in the movie but that's it, it doesn't stand up as a song in its own way the way something like Time Stood Still does. She should have done Crazy For You at that point in the show. Oh and I love the performnace of PDP on RIT but it really pisses me off that she left out the bridge.
  7. WTG - The Look Of Love DWT - Oh Dear Daddy DWT - Spanish version fo WIFLFAG S&S - Candy Shop S&S - Human Nature S&S - Dress You Up S&S - Spanish Lesson S&S - Ray Of Light S&S - Hung Up (worst tour performance ever) S&S - 4 Minutes S&S - Give It To Me Probably a few more from S&S but I try not to recall too much about it.
  8. FABULOUS Still find it ridiculous that this has never officially been released.
  9. For me it was her last moment of greatness.
  10. The choir intro to Rebecca's second track last night was identical to Like A Prayer and then she launched into Amazing Grace.
  11. POOR BRAVE RESOURCEFUL MADONNA, in the AGE OF GAGA she forges a new career as a GYM INSTRUCTOR
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