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  1. S&S twice and MDNA one and a half (Stade de France and Olympia)
  2. Shine

    Best Finale?

    Keep it together, hands down
  3. Very interesting read, thanks !
  4. The expression on her face is exquisite !
  5. The poor pig probably doesn't deserve that !
  6. There's actually no such thing as bad Madonna photo signed my Meisel
  7. That 1992 Vogue session is just the definition of gorgeous !
  8. Doesn't Celebration's version of Hollywood have the same problem ?
  9. Yes. That part : It's not been performed neither during the S&S Tour, nor at the MDNA Tour. Yet I love that "Get up on the dancefloor" part.
  10. Madonna: Burning up, Lucky Star, I know it. Like a Virgin: Dress you up, Material Girl, Like a Virgin True Blue: White Heat, True Blue, Papa don't preach Like a Prayer: Like a Prayer, Express Yourself, Keep it together I'm Breathless: Sooner or later, More, Something to remember Erotica: Waiting, Why's it so hard, Bad Girl Bedtime Stories: Sanctuary, Love tried to welcome me, Survival Something To Remember: I want you ♥, I'll remember, One more Chance Ray of Light: Skin, Nothing really matter, Frozen Music: Impressive Instant, Don't tell me, American Pie American Life: X-Static Proce
  11. It's too bad M has been skipping that "Soul is in the musical" part during the last 2 tours...
  12. HC is clearly musically underrated, the artwork really killed it. I've read some intersting comments on how Candy Shop had been taken to another lever thanks the MDNA tour. I guess seeing M perform this song with that classy outfit had a better effect than what she wore on the album cover or on the SST opening number...
  13. I doubt we'll have some round 2 songs as extras on the Buenos Aires DVD...
  14. is craving for a home-cooked meal

    1. Bill


      I'm a good cook. What's your favorite?

  15. This song is just one of my all-time Madonna favorites ( I'm an Erotica-born fan ) and even if nothing equals the original version, her Re-Invention rendition is just plain awesome... I can't help falling in love... :inlove:
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