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  1. I wanna touch you there, uh huh - Run my fingers through your hair, uh huh

  2. I like the music in this one - those horns ♥ - but I like the "house/your mess" lyrics better, as they feel more heartfelt IMO.
  3. I hope it's not gonna be filmed in Paris (even though I'll be there so that would be a nice souvenir) because every time she filmed her show in Bercy (now AccorHotels Arena) it never got released as a DVD/BD, as if there was a jinx to it.
  4. I believe some of it already leaked a while ago. Does anyone keep track of this ?
  5. Actually, it's not the requesting itself that gets annoying - I knew what I was getting into when I posted some pics a while ago, and that was all totally expected. What got old pretty quickly was the fact that even though I had just posted like 10 pics, it was all about the next request (which, of course, was a preview with 4837 thumbnails on it). I mean : do people even enjoy the photos they've just downloaded, or is it all about crossing off pics on a wantlist ? Another thing : this thread is supposed to have HQ pictures on it, it's not named "HQ request central". Previews and thumbnails
  6. Invasive indeed - and these pics were such in contrast to all the glamorous photoshoots that were used in the magazines, back in the day. Not surprised to see Madonna being an inspiration yet again
  7. This thread should be renamed HQ PLEASE. Seriously.
  8. Awesome vocals in all of the versions if this I've listened ♥
  9. 01. Ghosttown 02. Living for Love 03. Give me All Your Luvin' 04. 4 Minutes 05. Girl Gone Wild 06. Bitch I'm Madonna 07. Give it 2 Me 08. Celebration 09. Jump 10. Get together
  10. I wouldn't watch a minute of that.
  11. I first wondered why Madonna was brought up in this, as things are rather quiet these days. I was stunned when I saw it was about this pic.
  12. Everything about this song screams PERFECTION ! ♥
  13. Absolutely. It somehow gets easily overlooked.
  14. You really have the best tastes !
  15. Posted by Madennis on FB : HQ link : http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img540/2305/jUz9re.jpg
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