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  1. I'm not sure yet about what time I'm gonna start queuing on both days, but I think it's gonna be pretty early each time
  2. I like the It's That Girl version of Borderline, I love how it includes the synth we can hear on the dub version.
  3. According the venue's official website, there will only be one access gate... http://www.accorhotelsarena.com/fr/concerts-a-Paris/informations-generales
  4. Maybe not the best record (tastes, etc...) but the best reinvention ? Maybe. Why is this in the tour section ?
  5. What are you talking about, hon ? The album version is brilliant
  6. I'll pick Borderline too, especially if we're talking about original album versions. I like Burning up, but I tend to listen to the demos (especially that one on Pre Madonna) or the RIT version (haven't exprienced the RHT one yet)
  7. 5747 x 7094 - 19.7 MB http://mab.to/4rZzJgta3
  8. formerly known as Thief Of Hearts

  9. 6144 x 4081 - 28.8 MB http://mab.to/mXiKP2Yht
  10. You thanked me already, I'm (I was) Thief of Hearts Just changed my username so it matches what I use everywhere else
  11. I'll pick the demo. The chorus guy in the album version ruins it for me.
  12. THIS !!! That's why I love the Lisbon RIT footage, or even the Olympia 2012 videos : it's about the performance, no need to try and "enhance" it with special effects and stuff
  13. 5428 x 7230 - 25.3 MB http://mab.to/RGFcGmQh7
  14. No, they rebult it last year/this year, it cost a lot so this hotels group financed it, hence the new name. Of course, nobody's gonna call it that.
  15. Same old, same old : when the server was hacked years ago, it also gave access to e-mails and tons of private stuff. The main source is all the same.
  16. Interestingly enough, it's mostly outtakes, and it's actually more difficult to get published pictures in their original HQ format, whether they're retouched or not.
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