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  1. Yes - the far right people are basically the only ones who've been championing the "out".
  2. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-switch/wp/2016/06/24/the-british-are-frantically-googling-what-the-eu-is-hours-after-voting-to-leave-it/
  3. I have literally seen dozens of people claiming they'd vote for Trump over Clinton. Sick as fuck.
  4. She promoted the album a lot, yet many people weren't aware she had new music out. I took a cab in Paris after night #2, and the driver had no idea Madonna was performing (in spite of the Place de la République gig the night before which was all over the news) and that she released an album earlier in the year. And that's just ONE example.
  5. That's how they named the leaked selection of demos in late 2014, it even came with a lazy album cover
  6. I never cared that much for Heaven Queen is an absolute gem though - would have been a terrific addition to the TOAC setlist
  7. This has definitely become one of my Madonna favorites - much higher than some more "obvious" songs
  8. He caved ! http://therightscoop.com/trump-caves-the-donald-disavows-david-duke-24-minutes-after-ted-cruz-calls-him-out-on-it/ Unbelievable.
  9. Brilliant song, only the outro sounds cheesy
  10. I was surprised at the Paris shows how basically the whole audience knew the words to every RH song since it didn't do so well in sales. That kind of explains it.
  11. Try www.madonnation.cz They have a pretty comprehensive gallery, with lots of photos in high quality
  12. That's what I'm saying these are in their original NTSC 480p format, and they look flawless. Upscaling them to regular HD standards (720p or 1080p) would only alter the quality. If you take a look at the LIB file, you can see it is the same version as on Celebration. These files are 1Gb each, yet they managed to smash 22/25 of them on a 4.7Gb disc : no wonder they look like absolute crap on this. We can only have actual HD videos if they were filmed on 35mm film or on some digital medium, like thse from Rebel Heart.
  13. Well, I guess if some videos weren't shot on actual 35mm film, there's just no point turning them into HD ratio. A good quality 480p file will look better than something upscaled - hence the HDX vids that leaked a while ago.
  14. Another video here : https://twitter.com/MrAdamR/status/678724720695615488 This is just incredible ♥
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